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Using Vibrational Essences and Guidance Cards

I’ve been sent several review decks of guidance cards to accompany vibrational essences. This is an enjoyable way of working with essences and you can either buy commercial sets or make your own.

I’ve been making and using essences for many years and I’m always impressed by how powerful they can be for something so seemingly insubstantial. You really are working with the pure energy of the plant, gem or place. By combining guidance cards with matching essences you take the holistic experience one step further. Now you can choose a card, read the guidance, contemplate it and then take the essence to bring that wisdom into your energy system.

The most famous and widely used set of flower essences worldwide must be the Bach Flower Remedies. These remedies made by Dr Edward Bach last century marked the modern resurgence of essence making. There are several makers of these essences today who use the same procedures as Dr Bach.

As Bach Essences are very accessible and many people have some at home I conducted a search and requested a set of cards from Creature Comforters here in the UK. They produce Bach Flower Essences and have created matching Bach Divination Cards. I chose them as the most attractively illustrated cards I could find. You can view all the cards and read up on the essences on their site.

These are sweet little cards. Their size is both a strength and a weakness; they are highly portable, but some of the script is quite small. The flowers are all very clearly and attractively photographed on the front of the card with the name of the Remedy followed by the positive and negative associations for each. The backs are pretty, reminding me in style of the Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady. They have a clear keyword and a couple of apt quotations, plus the Latin name of the plant.

I drew Water Violet. This is one of Bach’s ‘Twelve Healers’ which are key essences for transforming our being at the core. These work at the level of archetypal reality. This was interesting as I don’t own all the Bach Remedies, but I have identified with Water Violet previously and still have a partly used bottle in my collection. The negative associations are given on the card as: Isolated/ Detached/ Grief/ Aloof/ Independent/ (unable to communicate freely) The positive are: Connected/ Warmth/ Communicative

By taking the essence the aim is to transform negative traits into positive ones. I’ve worked on my own natural tendencies over the years, but I acknowledge I need a bit of solitude every day to stay peaceful and I get irritable if I can’t spend time alone, so I am very much a Water Violet type! On the reverse the keyword is Connection along with Peace begins with a smile Mother Theresa and The walls we build around us to keep sadness out also keep out the joy Jim Rohn. Drawing this card I was moved to look at what Bach wrote about this flower. I did, needless to say, take Water Violet essence too!

I’ve also been working with The Ascension Oracle Cards by Natalia M Schotte and taking some of her essences. I was sent these full colour photographic flower cards, the accompanying guide book and a couple of sample essences. The complete set of flower essences is available to purchase. Today I picked Magnetism Clematis Dr Ruppel which has a close up of the beautifully complex stamens at the centre of the flower and the surrounding purple petals filling the background.

The reading is timely for me as it focuses on fulfilling your Soul Contract. I was only reminding myself of Caroline Myss’ work on Sacred Contracts last night as preparation for a workshop on Archetypes that I’ll be delivering. The guidance goes on to differentiate between the Soul and the Ego in higher and lower levels of manifestation, explaining that when intention is fully aligned with the Soul it magnetises whatever is needed for a Soul Contract to be fulfilled, whereas Ego-based desires attract. This is a subtle distinction to grasp and the full message is worthy of further contemplation. All the guidance is of a similar level; great if you are ready for it, but it might confuse those who need more basic messages. The cards are on glossy stock, which was my only issue with them. They took some ‘working in’ to get them to shuffle cleanly apart and fan out smoothly. Now that I’ve used them for a while they are fine.

Creating matching essence and card decks seems to be an idea that is in the Ether at the moment. I notice that my colleague Mike Eastwood is now making gem essences to accompany his Crystal Oversoul Cards, so if you resonate with one or more of his cards and want to integrate the energies you may be interested in taking a look.

How about making your own set of cards and essences? Making flower or gem essences is not difficult and I explain the basic procedures in my article How to Make Flower Essences. Choose crystals or flowers that attract your attention (be careful that any gems used are non toxic and not water soluble). When you make each essence take the time to photograph the flower or gem too. Then as you try out your essences you can note your impressions and collect keywords to add to a card, or meditate on the essence and write down any guidance in a journal. Paste your photos and keywords onto a piece of card, or print them out on paper and laminate to create your card. With a bit of time and patience you’ll have created your own personalised set of essences and cards!

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