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Using the Color Green in Healing

In mystical traditions the Emerald Ray is the primary ray of healing. It is associated with Archangel Raphael who is the Archangel most often called upon for his healing energy. Many healers show a great deal of emerald green in their auras and I often see this color around me. It has an intense, almost fluorescent hue.

I find it no co-incidence that green is the color most often associated with the heart chakra. The heart chakra is the point of perfect balance within the chakra system between the lower ‘more earthly’ chakras and the higher ‘more heavenly’ ones. Likewise green is the balance point in the color spectrum between the warm colors of lower vibration and the cool colors of higher vibration.

Green becomes even more fascinating when you consider the Emerald Tablets of Thoth, from which we derive the spiritual law of ‘As Above, So Below.’ The symbol for the heart chakra is made of two equal and interpenetrating triangles, one pointing upwards to the Heavens, one downwards to the Earth, usually referred to as the Seal of Solomon or the Star of David. This ancient sacred symbol is one of perfect balance between masculine and feminine, Heaven and Earth, fire and water. It is in our hearts that we can balance the will of our Ego Self with the guidance of our Higher Self. I chose a green emerald as the logo for Touchstones School of Crystal Therapy as this balance encapsulates my beliefs about healing.

Green is the predominant color of Nature. It is the color of chlorophyll and can be likened to the lifeblood of plants. From the metabolic action of plants we get the very air we breathe and so we see that we are intrinsically connected to, not separate from, the natural world. Green is the color of Springtime, fertility and abundance; fresh green leaves are such welcome signs of new growth after the bare branches of winter. Green is also the color of the wild, untamed spirit - just think of the Green Man!

In healing applying green light can stimulate the new growth of cells needed to repair and renew the physical body on a daily basis and more intensively after injury or illness. Imagine wrapping a green bandage of light around an injury to stimulate healing. The caveat is to avoid using green healing light in areas where the cells are already in a state of unchecked overgrowth as in tumours.

It is easy to bring green energy into your diet. Choose from an abundance of nourishing green vegetables such as broccoli and green leafy vegetables like spinach and kale, or salads such as cucumber, lettuce and green peppers. Herbs are most often green in color and packed with goodness, especially when fresh. Sprinkle your food with parsley, mint, oregano, rosemary or chives to enhance your meal and benefit from extra nutrients.

In the home green furnishings can create a restful and harmonious atmosphere. Choosing the right shade will influence the effect. A zingy leaf green is much more suited to kitchen decor for example than in the bedroom where a softer shade will be relaxing. Adding house plants will bring a touch of Nature indoors and some, such as the peace lily, will also help to purify the atmosphere.

The Seal of Solomon is an invaluable layout that I use often in my healing. When we are in a state of perfect balance we are healthy. Ill health arises when the balance is lost, whether that is in mind, body or spirit. The power of green to harmonise and restore balance brings us back towards a state of good health. Lie in a crystal net where the crystals are placed around you as a six pointed star. To bring in the power of the green ray use a green cloth to lie on and choose green stones such as emerald, aventurine, jade or amazonite. You may also choose a green stone to place on your heart centre.

There are many wonderful ways to bring the power of color healing into your life. Aura Soma is a color healing system of jewel bright dual color bottles developed here in the UK. I love to gaze on the bottles and find them therapeutic:

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