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Hemp Oil Cures Cancer

Hemp oil is the most medicinal substance found in nature. This is not hemp oil used for cooking which is produced only from the hemp seed. Eighty five years ago hemp was used worldwide as medicine but because hemp is a plant which cannot be patented the pharmaceutical companies want nothing to do with it. No patent means no profit, so why would they bother with a substance that can cure us if they make no money from it?

Radiation and chemo therapy kills everything inside the body and causes sickness. The medication given to people today can have sever side effect and sometimes cause more problems than the ailment it is supposed to be treating. Artificially made chemicals also kill people. We become addicted to the chemicals and cannot live without them. THC from hemp is not addictive.

There is nothing that hemp oil cannot cure. Everything that has been treated with hemp oil has improved and been cured. The idea that hemp should be classed as an illegal substance makes a mockery of self-healing with medicinal plants. Who decides what a person can use to treat their ailments with?

Doctors are only able to help using the medicines they can prescribed and these medicines are causing more problems to mankind, while the pharmaceutical companies make money from our pain. People are dying because of the greed of a few rich people who are denying mankind the right to cure themselves of pain and illness with a natural substance that is easy to obtain.

THC from hemp oil is an illegal substance. It is a substance that will kill cancer cells and help improve health. Hemp oil can be ingest, vaporise, or applied topically. It can be made at home very easily but if you are caught with it or if you supply it to anyone else you could face imprisonment. People who produce it live in fear of being arrested. Our basic human rights are being denied to us because if this drug was freely available to us, there would be no need for pharmaceutical companies as there would be no illness.

We live in an era of cancer epidemic; one in two of us will get it. The way the medical community deals with cancer is they wait until we get it and then they try to cure it. Cancer is a huge money making disease. So many chemicals are pumped into our food and water supplies that we are becoming a very unhealthy species. Our immune systems are breaking down. Cancer is caused by our environment. Instead of educating the human population on how to avoid becoming sick, we are told if we get sick, "take a tablet" which is made by one of the many drug companies.

Since 2008 a man from Nova Scotia by the name of Rick Simpson has been supplying free hemp oil to people with miraculous results. A video made by Christian Laurette shows testimonials from many people who have used his oil and have been completely healed. He is trying to get the medical community to acknowledge his discovery but is coming up against barriers because it is deemed to be an ‘illegal’ drug. Rich Simpson has been giving the oil away free since 2003.

What difference does it make which plant the substance comes from so long as it heals? God gave us plants to heal ourselves with. The valerian plant is the compound used in Valium yet this is not illegal. If they discovered a cure for cancer from the cactus plant, would these too be made illegal because we could cure ourselves and the pharmaceutical companies would go out of business?

Here is a list of ailments cured by using hemp oil:

• Cancer
• Migraine
• Arthritis
• Bowel and stomach problems
• Depression
• Infections
• Diabetes
• Mutating cells
• Asthma
• Scar tissue
• Skin conditions
• Burns
• Insomnia
• Weight regulation
• Rejuvenation of vital organs
• Alcoholism and drug addiction

Here is the link to the video with many testimonials from people who have used the hemp oil with complete success. It shows us how to make it and how to take it. It is well worth watching if everything else you have tried has failed.

Run From The Cure - Hemp Oil Cures Cancer

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