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Using the Color Blue in Healing

Blue is the color of the heavens; a blue sky is uplifting to our spirits. In our energy system blue is associated with the throat chakra.

Blue is one of the most soothing colors in the whole spectrum. It has a cooling and purifying energy that simultaneously relaxes our busy minds. Blue is not a color of doing, it is a color of being; do remember we are called human beings, not human doings!

The element of the throat chakra is Ether, which is the most ephemeral of all the elements. Ether is the element of spaciousness. It is the energy of unrestricted, unconfined Spirit. Blue can release us from the confines of daily incarnate existence to give us that expansive feeling of unboundedness, of wide open skies. It is in this state that new ideas come through most readily, hence the term ‘blue sky thinking’. Fresh new inspirations generally don’t arrive when you are trying to capture them, they come when you relax and allow yourself to slip into gentle reverie.

The throat chakra is about self-expression and allowing an easy flow of communication. If you think about it your throat is a space through which things flow, it is the pathway for air, water and food to pass into your body. A physical blockage at the throat can be deadly and needs to be released quickly. Our throat chakras also need a free flow of energy to function well. When they are blocked our truth is repressed and we cannot express ourselves authentically in the world. The throat chakra can affect communication on all levels as we do not listen and comprehend well when our throat chakra is blocked. Equally a throat chakra can be overactive and there seems to be a never ending stream of words tumbling out, without much order or depth of thought to them. Listening is a challenge for someone stuck in this pattern.

A sky blue scarf is a simple support for the throat chakra, as are pendants set with stones such as Larimar, blue lace agate or aquamarine. Blue is an excellent remedy for a sore throat as blue also cools inflammation. As well as reducing inflammation in the physical body blue can cool firey emotions. If you are falling into the drama of a heated situation you may need to stand back and take a more detached view of what is happening. Visualising blue light surrounding the situation can help calm things down. You may even imagine flying above the scene in a clear blue sky for an eagle’s eye view. Taken from this perspective most dramas can be seen to be relatively minor events within the great scheme of things.

Blue is suitable for decor wherever you want to create relaxation. It is a cool color, so less cosy for a living space than the warmer end of the spectrum, but a peaceful color to pick for a bedroom, bathroom or a meditation space. It is also suitable for a study as blue can enhance contemplation, the taking in of new information and clear communication in writing and speech. Pictures of blue skies and azure seas are lovely to gaze at and can offer you a ‘mini holiday’ within your day.

I'm a big believer in using light therapy for beating SAD, or winter blues, caused by grey skies and shorter daylight hours. This lamp specifically uses blue light to simulate the energy of a summer's day. I'd be intrigued to hear in the forum from anyone who has used this nifty looking device!

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