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Channelling the Energy of the Divine

At this time the whole Planet is being bathed in a higher frequency of Light from the Universe. It is easier than ever to sense your connection with the Infinite, Source, or God.

Many of you may see a glow and sense a warmth around you just by closing your eyes and focusing on your Divine connection for a moment. You are a channel through which Source energy can flow. Lightworkers need to connect with and ground these frequencies into the Planet, not just use them to get a 'spiritual high'. By bringing this energy down through your body you are able to share the Light with those around you. You do not need to speak of it, just be connected and through your own connection others will be awakened.

Sit or stand with your spine erect and close your eyes. Imagine a brightly shining point, like a star, about an arm’s reach above your head; this is called the Stellar Gateway by some healers. Intend that you will make your connection with the Divine through this point, which acts like a transformer for the powerful energies, stepping them down to a level that your system can handle safely. Bring the Source energy down through your Crown chakra, down through the center of your head and neck, down to your heart center.

Your heart is the balance point for your entire system, the fulcrum between Above and Below. To remind yourself of your center you can tap with your fingers firmly over your breast bone. This is useful whenever you feel you are losing your equanimity.

Now sense the energy flowing downwards through your lower chakras and down through your legs to your feet. Visualize sinking roots from your feet that connect deeply into Mother Earth and allow the energy to flow through them. Intend that the Light of the Divine will flow through you and be used by our Earth Mother for her healing. In this way you become a Pillar of Light on Earth.

Consciously make the energetic connection each day, even if only for five minutes. You may do it for longer when you get used to channeling the energy. At first you may experience some healing crisis symptoms, that is okay, you are being cleansed. The clearer you become the more Light you can handle running through your system, so some detoxification may need to occur.

When Divine Light is centered at your heart chakra you radiate positivity out into the world. You can share this energy with others as you let it flow from your heart through your arms and your hands so that every handshake or hug you give in this switched-on state becomes a blessing.

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