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Angel Prayer Bowls

Angel Prayer Bowls are the creation of Marco Grove of New World Creations. I was lucky enough to meet Marco at a Mind Body Spirit fair in Wales, UK. I found these are more than decorative ornaments, they may connect you to Higher energies.

For some months I had been looking at simple white bowl-shaped sculptures of angels in the merchandise section of my favourite New Age magazine Kindred Spirit. I felt drawn to their clean lines and purity, but wanted to see one ‘in the flesh’ before purchasing.

At a Mind, Body, Spirit Show in North Wales I walked in and there was a stall filled with the very angel bowls I’d been looking at and standing behind the stall was their creator. Needless to say I took the opportunity to handle the bowls and feel their energies. They were a little smaller than I’d expected, fitting neatly into my cupped hands. Their smooth, clean lines and harmonious shapes were just as good as they’d looked in the magazine and very tactile too.

On picking up the Angel Prayer Bowl, I noticed sudden rapid eye movement, which I sometimes get when meditating. When this happens it feels like I am receiving a ‘download’ of information straight into my subconscious mind. Holding the bowl it happened immediately I closed my eyes, like flicking on a switch. Interesting!

Whilst my eyes were still closed, Marco watched my aura and described the changes he could see. He saw old energies releasing from my eyes and mouth and described flowers blossoming in my aura. I could feel my heart centre opening, very warm. It felt like I was receiving a beautiful healing, not standing in a crowded show.

Meanwhile my partner Steve had been holding a sculpture of Archangel Chamuel: an angel standing behind two figures. The first figure represents the self and the smaller one those you care for. Marco turned to him and channelled specific information regarding ancient past lives and some off planet contacts that were coming through. I think my partner was a little surprised. He was still sceptical about the ‘pretty ornaments’, but had to admit that the information given was more than a shot in the dark!

Whilst Steve held the sculpture he found he had an interesting enhancement of his psychic perception. He could clearly see the unwanted attachments in people’s auras. This affect lasted for more than an hour afterwards and his perception of these is still heightened at time of writing, more than a month later. Not pretty, but useful, as he is skilled at clearing entities and energetic debris from people and not a bad result for holding a ‘pretty sculpture’ at a fair for five minutes!

I sat behind Marco’s stall and conducted an impromptu interview with him. He told me about the vision he’d had in meditation some years before making his first bowl:

I saw a four dimensional crystalline image of the original angel bowl revolving around in front of me. An angel encircling a father and mother cradling their child. I was taken into the bowl by Spirit and became aware of the sacred meaning. The bowl symbolises the Family of All Creation. The Angelic realm encircles us but we perceive a separation. In reality we are all one energy. The bowl symbolises Oneness.

Marco realised that he was being asked to make the bowls, but with the pressures of modern life it took three years for the vision to manifest in the material realm. He explained that although you don’t need anything external to reach the sacred within yourself, many people find it easier to link to the intangible through the tangible and this is where the bowl comes in. The first bowl was made of clay. He then found out about using moulds and was guided to include crushed crystal in the ingredients to raise the vibrational frequency. He includes clear quartz, selenite and angelite at present and some sculptures also have herkimers and celestite. Each bowl is still made by Marco himself in a state of connection with the Divine.

I held the Prayer Bowl for a second time and Marco watched my aura again. There was more releasing of old energies and he could see my throat chakra being prepared for channelling. He then picked up on a connection with a star in the Pleiades which I am also aware of.

I felt Marco’s energy was very clear and he is well worth meeting in the flesh. The energies I felt working through me when I held the bowl were stronger in his presence than when I hold the bowl at home, however I still feel some energy moving every time I hold it and my teeth 'tingle'.

I think the bowls do make the link with the angelic realms more obvious and the presence of Marco’s own energy accentuates this. I can see they could make a beautiful way of sending angelic absent healing to a loved one or for focussing your prayers.

My bowl came in useful the very next day. I’d uncovered an old hurt from childhood that was in need of releasing. Picking up the bowl opened the floodgates immediately. I had a good howl for half an hour and found that I’d cleared the emotion completely. I’m using my bowl to enhance my own meditation experience now.

I’m pleased I was unable to get to the fair as a trader. Had I been there working I wouldn’t have had this experience. Providence works in mysterious ways!

Go to the New World Creations site to see these lovely little bowls for yourself.

If you feel you need the help of my partner to free yourself of unwanted energy attachments I can put you in contact with him, or you can contact him yourself at Entity Removal.

Would you like to know more about angels? Hazel Raven's Angel Bible is a handy guide.

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