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The Law of Attraction

You may be aware of the Law of Attraction via the movie The Secret and books by Jerry and Esther Hicks and other authors. Here I clarify the manifestation process. The Law of Attraction formula is very simple: Ask, Believe, Receive.

You have to ask for what you want, believe you will get it and finally be available to receive your manifestation. Easy! So if manifestation is so simple why aren’t we all living the lives of our dreams?

There will be an issue with one of the steps:

You may not be asking clearly enough. You may be asking for contradictory things and therefore get muddled results. You may focus more thought energy on what you don’t want than what you do. These are counter-intentions and you have to clear them up to manifest your conscious desires. You need to avoid the energy of needing from your asking. Neediness means you are focussed on lack and you will continue to manifest lack.

• Like the Law of Gravity the Law of Attraction is always switched on. It is not just operating when we consciously decide to manifest.
• Your dominant thoughts will draw their energetic match into your life. The Law of Attraction does not differentiate between good and bad it just attracts.
• When you ask for something don’t limit yourself. Ask for this, or something better, to manifest. This allows space for the Divine to go beyond your limited vision and deliver you something better than you would have thought of.

If you ask for something but you don’t really believe it will manifest for you then the lack of belief will counteract your request. You may not believe you have the power to manifest things in your life. Your request has to fit with the beliefs you hold about yourself. If you think, “I don’t believe great things like that can happen to people like me,” then they won’t!

• You are already a Co-Creator. You are manifesting right now, whether you are doing it with awareness or not and whether you like your manifestations or not. You have already manifested the conditions of your life.
• Like attracts like, therefore we struggle to create anything outside of us that do not hold true inside of us. First work on the inner to eliminate the negative self beliefs that hold you back.
• Perhaps your actions do not support your goal? Believing in your goal means you’ll take inspired action towards achieving it. If you just sit around ignoring the intuitive guidance that is nudging you to do certain things, or go to a particular place, or talk to a specific person, then you aren’t demonstrating belief in your goal.
• Believing isn’t a passive state. If you want to light a candle sitting looking at it and believing in it being alight won’t work. You have to strike the match and hold it to the wick! Do your bit for the co-creation.

What have you already created? Look around at your life. You have created the things, people and circumstances! Close your eyes and examine your creations now. What are you proud of? What has been made from fear and self sabotage?

Remember that some of your most difficult experiences may have been set up before you came in as lessons for you. Your soul growth may have required you to face certain challenges. Some events may have been essential on a higher level to strengthen you and give you deeper understanding, or compassion. Not all ‘unfortunate things’ happen because you had some negative thinking so don’t beat yourself up! Some events turn out to be blessings in disguise. Even where you have brought about experiences through negative thinking or fear you can use them to wake up now. Everything can be used for your soul growth.

You have to allow the good to come into your life. Sometimes things manifest in ways that you weren’t expecting. Learn to recognise your manifestations and to see them when they arrive.

There is a parable of a woman who is sitting on the roof of her house as flood waters rise around her praying to God for rescue. A boat comes by and the people ask her to jump in, but she says, “No, God will save me.” As the waters continue to rise two more boats come by and each time she refuses the offers of help saying, “God will save me!” Eventually the waters rise beyond her rooftop and she drowns. When she gets to Heaven she turns on God angrily and says, “Where were you? I thought you would save me?” God says, “I sent you three boats!”

Don’t miss the gifts that are sent because you have a set expectation of how they will arrive, when they will arrive and what they will look like! Allow for the fact that there may be something better than your vision, more perfect for you, just around the corner.

The receiving state is a state of patience and trust. You’ve done your bit by asking and believing. You’ve made your request clear and you’ve taken inspired action, now let Divine energy bring your good to you. Trust that the Divine can handle it! If you don’t allow this space you can push things away by striving too hard.

A few years ago my husband Steve looked shamanically at what I was trying to manifest and was shown an image of me surrounded by all my goals which were in energy balloons around me. As I tried harder to grab them the movement of my hands pushed them further away. I had to sit quietly in a state of trust and allow the balloons to settle and drift down to me.

• When opportunity knocks your job is to answer the door and let it in!
• Sometimes we are pushing really hard on the door and don’t realise it opens inwards!
• Don’t try to force a locked door. If things aren’t opening up for you relax, change your focus and you may come back later and find the door is open. Everything happens in Divine timing.

The Secret is probably the best available introduction to the Law of Attraction and it gives you an opportunity to find teachers whose message seems supportive for you. I like the work of Jack Canfield and Michael Bernard Beckwith, amongst other speakers in the movie.

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