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Using Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is one of the most loved and well known crystals. It is often one of the first stones that someone will buy for themselves.

Rose quartz supports the emotions and helps us to develop a sense of self esteem. It resonates most strongly with the heart chakra and helps us heal from the emotional wounds most of us experience in life. With rose quartz the pain is eased over time and we can start to comprehend the deeper lessons of our experiences and grow in compassion for others, using our own experience to develop empathy. Simply placing the crystal on your heart chakra will begin to shift your energies. Do remember to use a cleansed crystal and to cleanse it again after use.

Rose quartz is versatile. It is a non toxic, non soluble stone, so suitable for placing in water. You might consider bathing in rose quartz energy. Just place the stone in the tub whilst you run the bath. The subtle energies will permeate the water so that you are immersed in rose quartz healing. Avoid shocking the stone with sudden extremes of temperature, let it warm up and cool down gently.

Imbibe the energies of rose quartz by placing a clean piece into a jug of water for a few hours and then drinking the water. Obviously you don’t swallow the actual stone! A rose quartz gem water like this can soothe troubled emotions. I would suggest making fresh gem water each day as it doesn’t keep for long.

You might want to spritz the harmonising energy of rose quartz through your home. Pour the gem water into an atomiser and lightly mist through your space, avoiding electrical equipment and polished furniture. This is an especially nice energy for the bedroom! Rose quartz harmonises well with rose oil and with geranium oil. A drop of either to your atomiser will add a lovely fragrance and the loving heart-based energies of these essential oils too- just shake the atomiser each time as oils can clog the pump. Micheal Gienger's handy little book, Gem Water: How to Prepare and Use Over 130 Crystal Waters for Therapeutic Treatments contains more ideas for their use and some inspirational gem recipes.

In your home a chunk of rose quartz by your bedside can promote romance, or you could put a small piece under your pillow. You can often find rose quartz carved into heart shapes and these are lovely to boost your love life. Put some in your underwear drawer so that you see them when you get dressed every day and are reminded of your intention to create romantic opportunities for yourself.

If you have twelve pieces of rose quartz you can try the Unconditional Being Net - they can be quite small tumble stones. Ensure you will have fifteen minutes peace. Spread out a dark pink cloth, large enough to lie on and then place one rose quartz just below your feet and another just above where your head will be. Spread the other rose quartz tumbles evenly around yourself. Lie back and relax in the energies for ten minutes. When you are finished sit up slowly, giving yourself some time to come round and have a drink of water before getting on with everyday life. Make sure you cleanse the rose quartz before and after the net. This net was developed by Sue and Simon Lilly and appears in their book Crystal Healing. It is designed to promote feelings of self acceptance and self worth. It stimulates compassion and forgiveness, especially for one's self. Rose quartz can be powerful as it brings the issues to the surface to be released so better to repeat this net for ten minutes daily, than to lie in it for longer.

I use a rose quartz ritual to promote self worth. Take a piece of paper and brainstorm all of the positive attributes you have. If you can’t think of many then ask your friends and loved ones why they like you.

Gather some materials together for the ritual:
A pink candle
A cleansed rose quartz tumble stone
A length of thin pink ribbon long enough to loop over your head and hang down to your heart chakra
A square of pink fabric large enough to wrap the rose quartz in
Rose or geranium essential oil (optional)

When you have a list make sure you will be undisturbed and then light the candle and perhaps add a few drops of rose or geranium oil to an oil burner.
Now take the rose quartz in your hands and speak into it saying, “ I am (name) and I am (quality)” so I might say, “I am Lauren and I am loving.” Imagine that positive energy entering into the rose quartz. Now repeat the process for each of the qualities on your list.

When you have spoken all of your positive qualities to the rose quartz add, “I am all of these things and so many more.” Now place the stone in the centre of your fabric and bring the corners up around it. Tie it at the top with your ribbon so that you have made a bundle and now wear the rose quartz over your heart centre to stay connected with all the things you love about yourself and to draw on 'your best self' when dealing with other people. You might also like to hang the bundle over your bedpost or to hold it in meditation if you need to strengthen your belief in your self worth.

My Touchstones: Manual for the Crystal Therapist provides you with many more ways to use crystals for your health and well-being.

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