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An Experience of Crystal Healing

People are sometimes sceptical that crystals can be agents of healing. The following is an account of my partner Steve's first encounter with crystal healing, which was a bit of an eye opener for him. This is an extract from my book Light behind the Angels:

'At first Steve thought my crystal healing was just pretty stones. He recognised that I was a healer but didn’t understand how the crystals worked with me. He admitted much later that walking into my healing room used to make him feel nauseous.

The energy in my room is beautiful. It is so clear and high that new clients and students often draw a breath in wonder as they walk through the door. I have only felt its like in special places in nature and occasionally in a church or temple. It is a sacred space and is only used for healing. My children respect it utterly. My daughter commented once that it is a ‘magic room’ that feels like it is in a different place from the rest of the house, so much so she often forgets it exists as it doesn’t belong in the mundane world.

Steve’s awakening to the power of Crystal Healing came during that first spring of our relationship. I had a new student, who was starting late. I put on a special one-to-one session for her to bring her up to speed with the others. Steve was there that day, so I suggested he might like to be a body for her to practise on. He played along to be helpful.

My student was a natural and she chose the crystals intuitively to balance Steve’s chakras as she’d been shown to. I was happy with what I was observing, however Steve looked uncomfortable and asked, “How big is the stone at my heart centre?” It was a little piece of golden labradorite, no bigger than my thumbnail. He said that it felt very heavy. I double checked the choice of stone and found it was precisely the energy he needed. He said he could cope and so the treatment proceeded.

Fortunately this was the last exercise of the day. My student finished and left happy. As she went out of the front door Steve walked out of the back door into the courtyard. I waved her off from the doorstep listening to Steve hacking and coughing in the background. He’d proudly boasted several times that despite his heavy, long term smoking habit he’d never had a smoker’s cough. Within half an hour of golden labradorite being placed on his chest he had a cough that any smoker would have been proud of.

Now my student was gone he described the sensation of the stone on his chest, “It was as if someone was putting all their weight on their thumb and pressing it right into me.” He was astonished when he saw the little yellow stone. Steve felt there was still a big heavy lump stuck at his heart centre once the crystal had been removed. As it had been my student’s first ever attempt at crystal healing he hadn’t wanted to say just how uncomfortable the stone had made him because he didn‘t want to knock her confidence.

I put Steve back on the treatment couch and dowsed for something to make him more comfortable. A hand sized cluster of celestite, larger and heavier than I would normally place on anyone came up. I put it on somewhat apologetically. What amazed Steve was that despite its actual size and physical weight it felt much lighter than the little piece of labradorite had done.

The sense of something stuck was lifted, but the cough remained. It was a productive cough that lasted for the next four months and he hacked up horrible amounts of gunk from his lungs in the process. It didn’t stop him smoking but it did give him a new respect for crystal healing! The little golden labradorite was extremely proud of itself and developed a beautiful rainbow that hadn’t been there before.'

Crystal healing can be surprising and it certainly has the potential to shift energies at a profound level. Fortunately not everyone has a healing reaction as strong as Steve's was and a treatment can be gentle. As my partner I think he needed to know just how amazingly powerful the crystals can be!

Light behind the Angels

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