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You are a Co-Creator

We are all co-creators and every thought we think, decision we make and action we take will be shaping our lives in some way. Most people experience some frustrations in learning to co-create effectively. Here I look at how we co-create and why we sometimes block our desired creations from manifesting.

Firstly know that you do have a choice. You can either believe your personal power is very limited, or you can realise that you have the power of creation within you and you can affect your life circumstances. This is an Awakening process, a chance to wake up from victim consciousness where things just happen to you and to step into your true power as a co-creator on this planet. It usually takes some time to make that transition and we waver back and forth for a quite a while until our self image as a co-creator is firmly established as our truth.

Some aspects of our lives may transform quickly and others more slowly, so perhaps we trust in our ability to create a positive way to earn our living, but donít trust that we can manifest a loving relationship, or we believe that we can find somewhere comfortable to live, but donít expect that money will flow easily into our lives. We all have areas where we need to shift some old blocks and patterns before we manifest in a way that pleases us.

The hit movie The Secret introduced masses of people to the Law of Attraction, which is a key to co-creation. Watching the film provides a valuable starting place as it clearly explains the power of your thoughts in the creative process. Some people donít grasp how fundamental this is; perhaps they take a few actions as suggested by the movie, creating a vision board or using affirmations, but nothing seems to happen. Then they get disenchanted and think the Law of Attraction doesnít work.

If your manifestations arenít happening there are several aspects to the co-creative process that it pays to consider:

Co-creation means that you play a part in the creative process, but you donít do it alone, thatís why it is a co-creation. The energy of the Divine gives you a helping hand and with Divine energy comes help from other people, your guides and angels, ascended masters, nature spirits, elementals, your ancestors and a whole host of other energies. If you think you need to make things happen all by yourself then you are on an ego trip and you are divorcing yourself from the help and support that surrounds you. Ask for help and be open to it. You do your bit and they will do theirs. Notice the signs and synchronicities that are brought to your attention by your helpers & allow them to guide you.

You get what you are primarily focussed on. If your current situation is getting more of your attention than your vision of how great your new circumstances would be, then the status quo will be maintained because your thought patterns are holding it in place. You must tip the balance of your attention so that it is at least more than 50% towards what you want to attract, rather than on what you hope to get rid of and then you will start to manifest the circumstances that can bring those things into your life.

Allow for Divine timing. The Universe may well be lining up the perfect circumstances, but they may not be available right now; perhaps it will take six months or a year for all aspects to line up ready for you. If doubt creeps in after several months when no outward sign of change has appeared then those doubts can undermine the creative process. Stay positive and expectant when you think of your co-creations. The Universe is responding to your thoughts and bringing things to you, so allow space for this to happen. Our ego-based opinion of good timing is not necessarily as perfect for us as Divine timing. You have to trust that things will click into place at the right time.

Perhaps some real world action is needed? Consider whether your actions are supporting your co-creations. If you are nudged to take an inspired action then take it. Creation does imply activity. Sense the actions that will take you towards your goal.

You need to feel like you are worth it, whatever Ďití is. This is a really important aspect to any co-creation. Feelings of unworthiness will push your good away from you. If there is an undercurrent of ďI donít deserve any better,Ē then you wonít improve your circumstances.

Perhaps there is a hidden lesson in your current situation? Maybe you have something to resolve before you are ready to move on? Sometimes our most awkward circumstances contain valuable learning and until we have gone through that process the situation isnít ready to be released.

Feed your mind with positive vibes and retrain your thought patterns. Read articles about manifesting, or guidance, watch The Secret several times and notice which teachers you like from the movie, then visit their sites, read their books and listen to their audios. You need to reprogram yourself with positivity until you truly believe that you are a powerful co-creator.

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