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Aces in Tarot

In the Tarot, the Aces are equivalent to the number 1. In numerology, the number one represents the very beginning of a cycle, potential and what is possible, but not yet developed. the Aces are also represented by the four seasons. When Aces appear in a spread it represents change, a natural flow or progress to a cycle of events. Knowing each of the Aces and the seasons they represent can give further depth and symbolic meaning to a reading. In addition, they can also lend some insight into time frames.

All Ace cards speak of a new era, goals, ambitions and growth. Reversed Ace's can speak of a resistance to change that may be holding one back, perhaps an insistence of holding on to what is outgrown and no longer ideal.

Below are the individual Aces and what they tend to represent.

Ace of Wands
This card represents Autumn. The Ace of Wands speaks of the very initial potential in a situation, the planning and idea stages where things are just starting to form. Wands are the suit of potential, planning, ideas, and brainstorming. The period where things have not fully taken shape enough to take action yet, but one is inspired by new thoughts and plans.

Ace of Cups
This is the card of Summer. This Ace focuses more on the emotional and spiritual, using ones creativity and intuition to further initiate changes in life. When this card comes up, it often suggests a change in attitude and personal determination that brings about a necessary shift. A period of inspiration and the time in a cycle where initial plans become better formed and more workable, things taking shape and visible progress. The Ace of Cups tends to speak of personal fulfillment, growth, and feeling at peace or more on target due to a change or new cycle in life.

Ace of Swords
This is the card of Winter, a time where a great deal of action is taking place whether its perceived or not. In the winter, when we prune back the plants, a great deal of interesting things are going on underground, preparing for the Spring. Swords are cards of action and they tend to indicate the time in a cycle just before the harvest, where all the action is. Sometimes this means a period of sacrifice, cutting away all that is outgrown to make way for the new. Other times, this card points to a series of events that leads to a change where we have to make the best of things as they happen. Other times, it speaks of taking decisive action to move in a new direction and applying the effort necessary to make ones goals a reality.

Ace of Pentacles
The card of Spring. Pentacles represent the harvest, where we see the rewards and/or consequences of our previous plans and actions. The Ace of Coins tends to appear when we are about to see results for our efforts and how things have come together to bring us to where we are now. It speaks of a sort of twilight or transition period where one is removing themselves from the past and getting settled in to a new way of life. It is a card that speaks of rewards and progress in a cycle.

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