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Making a Gem Essence

Making your own crystal essences is cheap, easy, enjoyable and effective. The essences are very safe and convenient. You can take them orally as drops or evaporate them through your aura. Here I show you how to make them step by step.

Ideally you will pick a nice clear sunny day and a time when your energies are pretty good. If there is an urgency though you can make an essence anyway.

Make sure that your equipment is scrupulously clean. If you preserve essences in 100% alcohol or vinegar then you need not sterilise the bottles- if not then do so.

You will need:
A small glass bowl- plain without any patterns or engraving
A funnel
Filter paper- I use unbleached coffee filters
Spring water- if you can get it clean and from source that is even better
The chosen crystal or mineral
A glass jug
Brandy or cider vinegar for preserving
Small glass bottles with droppers
Labels & pen

1. Decide what essence to make. Why are you making it? Is this essence being made with a specific person in mind, or a specific state of mind or ailment? Set your intention.

2. Dowse or muscle test to find the right crystal. You may need to be specific- it might be a particular piece of quartz you need for example. Cleanse the crystal.

3. Fill the small glass bowl with spring water and place on the ground in the sun.

4. Place the crystal in the water. If the crystal is toxic, soft or would be damaged by water you’ll need to make the essence by the indirect method: place it within a clear glass and then place the glass in the bowl so that the crystal does not make contact with the water. Don't take any chances; if in doubt use the indirect method.

5. Leave the essence alone to develop in the Sunlight. The Sun’s rays help the energy signature of the crystal move into the water.

6. You will probably need to leave it there for three to four hours. Pendulum dowse to check how long it will take and again to check if the essence is ready- otherwise you can rely on your intuition to tell you that it feels ready.

7. Strain the water into a jug using coffee filter paper- you need to get any little bits out that may have floated in. Take care not to put your fingers in the water to retrieve the crystal!

8. Decant the strained liquid into the first bottle, half filling it, adding the same amount again of brandy or cider vinegar to preserve your essence. Made with care and kept in a cool place it will store indefinitely. This is your Mother Essence. Keep it safe and look after it well!

9. Cap the bottle and write a label.

10. Drink a little of the remaining water if you like or return it to the Earth with thanks. Alternatively you may sense a plant would like it, or you could use it in the bath later. Without preservatives this should be used up quickly.

Diluting your Mother Essence,
Take another small clean bottle and fill with brandy or cider vinegar. This will be your stock bottle, which means you won't need to disturb or deplete the mother essence very often. Add up to seven drops of the mother essence to the stock bottle. This will carry the energy signature throughout the contents. Diluted in this way your mother essence will last you an extremely long time and you can carry the stock bottle about with you safe in the knowledge that the mother essence is stored away carefully.

You can dilute once more to make a dosage bottle, this is the final dilution that is found to be effective for essences. It is worth knowing that apart from one very large commercial supplier most vibrational essences on sale are stock bottle strength, therefore you can dilute them down to create dosage bottles that you can share with friends and family. One bottle of a bought essence can go a very long way!

Keep essences cool & dark, away from electromagnetic radiation. Many people like to charge their essences every time they open or disturb the bottle. You can use a crystal pendulum for this, quartz crystals or a charging plate.

I work intuitively with my crystal collection to create new essences, but if you like a recipe book approach then Michael Gienger's Gem Waters is worth getting hold of.

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