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Civil War Test

Have you completed your unit on The Civil War? Here is a test you can give to your upper elementary homeschooler to assess their knowledge learned.

Civil War Test (answers below each question)

1. What is the definition of emancipation?
A: Offering freedom.

2. What is sharecropping?
A: Farmers who worked on a land owner's field and got a share of the crop.

3. Who is defined as a civilian?
A: A regular person, not a soldier or in the military.

4.President Abraham Lincoln issued a proclamation to free the slaves, what was it called?
A: The Emancipation Proclamation.

5. Union leaders in the North were fighting against what issue in the South?
A: Slavery.

6. Southern states were part of a group called the..?
A: Confederates.

7. After the Civil War ended, Abraham Lincoln stressed what?
A: Peace and unity amongst the North and South.

8. Who was a integral person within the Underground Railroad?
A: Harriet Tubman.

9. Was the Underground Railroad really a train? If not, what was it?
A: No, it was not a train. It was a means for slaves to escape to free states.

10. A famous address, or speech, given by Abraham Lincoln was called the?
A: Gettysburg Address.

11. Who was Matthew Brady, and what did he do during the Civil War?
A: He was a photographer who captured images of war stricken battlefields, revealing an awful scene for everyone.

12. What was the name of the general that defeated the South?
A: Ulysses S. Grant.

13. What caused Robert E. Lee's Confederate Army to retreat at the end of the Civil War?
A: Soldiers leaving their army, sensing defeat.

14. When the Civil War ended this was a period of time called the?
A: Reconstruction.

15. How did President Abraham Lincoln perish?
A: He was assasinated.

16. What institute did Booker T. Washington start? What state was it in? What was it's purpose?
A: The Tuskegee Institute in Alabama, to to offer higher education opportunities to African Americans.

17. Describe the Thriteenth Ammendment...
A: Abolished slavery.

18. Describe the Fourteeenth Ammendment...
A: States could not limit the rights of citizens.

19. Describe the Fifteenth Ammendment...
A: All men could vote.

20. Who was Clara Barton?
A: A Civil War nurse on the battlefields, she later founded The American Red Cross.

Here are a few materials for further synthesis and continued learning about The Civil War.

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