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Entity Attachments and Healing

We live in changing times. Many people are waking up to their vocations as healers, psychics and mystics. In the process they 'turn up' their spiritual light and sometimes beings of a low frequency are attracted like moths to a flame.

First let me say there is no need to panic or be fearful. Although these energies are not pleasant to have attached to your aura, that doesn’t necessarily make them evil, any more than parasites such as fleas or leeches would be termed evil. The majority of these attachments are simply having an energetic feed. This can be very draining for the host of course.

Anyone working closely with others and making energetic or physical contact is more prone to picking up entities, that includes massage therapists and hairdressers for example. Psychics generally have sensitive energies and venture more on the astral level than most, meaning they need to look after their energy carefully. Many psychics need to consciously ‘close down’ their energies to stay safe.

Energetic damage in the form of rips and holes in the aura will increase the likelihood of picking up entities. An intact aura is a strong defence against most of these invaders, but a damaged one provides easy access. Think of the outer edge of the aura as a barrier a bit like your skin. Healthy skin repels infections efficiently, whereas open wounds let all sorts of harmful things in and need to be kept clean and protected whilst they heal. An aura scan from a good healer may reveal leaks, but you can monitor and heal your own aura by meditating upon it. A repaired aura can take a while to be back to full strength, so take special care of it.

Healers are especially at risk of entity attachment. When a healer works with their client the healing energy will often be channelled from one to the other. To do this the healer has to work in the other person’s energy field. An untrained, inexperienced, or badly protected healer can easily pick up an entity from their client in the process. A healer’s energy is normally bright. Think of it from the parasite’s point of view. There it was having a nice munch on a fairly average picnic of energy when along came the gourmet buffet. It is thus imperative that all healers are taught to prepare their energies carefully before they start work, grounding and centring themselves and using whatever energy support and protection is needed for the job.

It is important that every healer monitors the state of their own energies, notes anything amiss and ensures the problem is not transmissible before healing again. Most professional healers have managed to ‘pick something up’ from a client at some time or another and while it is nothing to be ashamed of, it does serve as a warning to be more careful with our energies.

Signs that you may be affected by an entity attachment include:

Your intuition telling you that all is not well
Feeling tired with no cause
Cold patches in the aura
Bad dreams
Unexplained aches and pains
Anxiety and fearfulness
Obsessive behaviour
Lack of eye contact or a ‘haunted’ look in the eyes
Out of character behaviour, especially angry outbursts
Eating Disorders
Voices in the head
Thoughts of self harm

All of these symptoms have other possible causes too, some needing conventional medical treatment. Look at the overall pattern and trust your instincts.

Self help to remove these parasites includes cleansing your aura as thoroughly as possible and cleansing the space you live in or do your healing in. Use entity repelling crystals in the places you feel the attachment. I’ve found iron pyrites to be particularly effective in persuading these parasites to let go of their host.

Do not use Reiki energy alone to deal with entities. The energy will give them a feed and they may go quiet whilst digesting their meal, but it generally won’t dislodge them and it could even help them to grow!

After getting clear it is important to fortify the aura and take good care of it to reduce the risk of picking up any further astral wildlife.

Although I have been aware of entity attachments for many years now and come across them whilst healing, usually removing them without fuss to prevent fearfulness in the client, I have become particularly aware of them more recently. In Spring 09 we went to a Mind Body Spirit festival at which Marco Grove, creator of angelic sculptures, was exhibiting. My partner Steve noticed as he held the Archangel Chamuel statuette his psychic vision became much clearer and was tuned into the wavelength of entity attachments. Looking around the fair he could spot which people were carrying entities in their auras.

Since that time Steve’s auric vision has become more precise. I don’t envy him the ability; where others see beautiful light he sees the hangers on, but it is an important gift. He has been working since on honing his methods of clearing these attachments with much instruction and support from his spirit guides.

If you feel you have an attachment that you can’t remove for yourself and you can’t find someone you trust locally to help you then you can arrange a free initial consultation with Steve through his site, Entity Removal.

There are a multitude of practical suggestions for strengthening and cleansing your aura, as well as removing unwanted attachments in Judy Hall's Good Vibrations.

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