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How to Control Your Temper

Anger and frustration can take overtake us like a wave on the shores of a beach. When anger comes over us we tend to think irrationally. We also may say or do things that may hurt others when weíre angry. As a teen, your hormones are raging, but realize that you have complete control over your emotions.

Sometimes itís challenging to rein in your emotions. But no matter what, anger should be dealt with in a way that is both efficient and relieving. Here are some ways that will help you discover how to manage your anger in a way that is helpful to you and others.

Remove yourself from the situation if youíre thinking irrationally. When your anger begins to overcome your ability to think itís time to realize that you need to walk away from whatever is making you upset. By removing yourself from whatever is bothering you, you are making the effort to control your anger and make life a little easier.

Give yourself a few minutes alone to cool down. Find something that relaxes you. Whether itís listening to music, reading a good book, or even skateboarding, taking the time to relax is another way to analyze whatever is making you frustrated without doing something you might regret.

Recognize the difference between an annoyance, an inconvenience, and a real reason to get angry. Realizing the difference between these three things will save you a lot of time and energy to think about what is making you angry. An annoyance is something that irritates or bothers you.

An annoyance can range from a small ticking noise to the screaming of your younger siblings. An inconvenience is something that troubles you and can range from morning traffic to being told to wash dishes while taking out the trash at the same time.

And lastly, a real reason to get angry is something that hurts you personally. Something that can really hurt you can range from being picked on to being ridiculed by someone because of your family, religion, or beliefs.

Itís also important to know what makes you angry. Realizing what makes your temperature boil and what doesnít is also another way to combat losing your temper.

Talking it out is another good way to remain calm when you are angry. Sometimes your frustrations can be relieved just by talking. When you are talking to someone who is close to you like a relative or a friend about whatever is angering you, you are relieving yourself of the stress that occurs from being frustrated.

In conclusion, when tempers flare itís important to remain calm, remove yourself from the situation to prevent from thinking irrationally, and spend some time alone to cool down. Itís also very important to recognize the difference in how something should be handled, realize just what is making you angry, and talk it out with someone you care about.

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