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An Angel Workshop

Teaching my Angel Workshop is a huge pleasure. If you would like to treat yourself to an Angel workshop experience in your own home then try these ideas. It would be nice to work with a friend for support as angel energy can be very powerful.

First set up a sacred space for yourself. Make sure the area is both physically and psychically clean and that you will be undisturbed; unplug the telephone. Set the atmosphere by making a small altar, lighting some incense and a white or cream candle and placing a crystal or an angel figurine. You can also play some soothing music. I used Lizary Rodriguez Rios’ heavenly CD Harp Therapy. Have some water available to sip between exercises.

It is good to call in the Archangels for protection when you start.

Face the East and say:

Archangel Raphael before me

Wait until you feel the quality of the air change in front or you, or sense his form then say:

Archangel Gabriel behind me

Again wait. With experience it almost feels like you could fall back on Gabriel his presence is so supportive and tangible. Now say:

Archangel Michael to my right hand

Sound his name as Mik-ay-el. Wait until the air pressure changes around your right hand side or you sense he is present. And finally:

Archangel Uriel to my left hand

Wait until there is a sensation of a presence on your left hand side. Now you are safe for your angel work. This is a good protective routine for preparing to do healing or when going into places where you feel ill at ease too.

It is nice to choose an angel card to determine the main theme of the work. There are many packs available and I have reviewed some of them here. This time I used Theolyn Cortens’ Angel Script for its wisdom. They seem to be hard to get hold of at present, but you can work with them on Theolyn's Soulschool site: Angels Script cards We chose one card each from a fanned deck and all of the messages were spot on.

We meditated on meeting our guardian angels. You may like to sit quietly and ask your guardian angel to draw near to you. If you get a sense of them then ask for a name and a ‘calling card’ which is a way that you will know they are close by, such as a touch on your cheek or a slight pressure on your hand. You can build a relationship with your angel by spending a little time each day to make the contact and ask for their guidance. They don’t really go away from us, but we tend to blot out our awareness of them.

Take your attention to the back of your heart centre and the area between your shoulder blades. There you have a bundle of energy, normally all tucked up. Gently use your intent to open up this bundle and unfold the contents, which are your own pair of wings. At first they make take a while to unfurl, like a new butterfly coming from its chrysalis, but with practice they will quickly appear. If you need help unpacking them then your guardian angel can stroke them free for you. Everyone has different wings depending on our nature and our level of spiritual development over many lifetimes. Take time to play with your wings, allowing them to make you feel lighter. You can hug loved ones with your wings and wrap them around yourself for comfort and protection.

Now take your attention to the healing needed by our planet. Ask Archangel Sandalphon to send you his rainbow rayed healing for the Earth. Allow the energy to enter the crown of your head, flow down your spine to your heart centre and then along your arms and out of your palm centres. You can direct it to any of the areas that you are concerned about, I send energy to the rainforests for example, or simply see the globe wrapped in beautiful rainbow light. This is a powerful exercise done in a group, but it is still very worthwhile for individuals and many use this exercise and similar at the same time every day as part of their service to the world.

To close down imagine a protective symbol over each of your chakra centres, ground and then ask Archangel Michael to place his deep blue cloak of protection around you.

On my workshop we went on to invoke Archangel Raphael for personal healing and to meet the Archangels of the Tree of Life. There are many more angelic exercises you can try. For more ideas Hazel Raven’s Angel Bible is one of the most easily accessible angel books available. You can read my review of it here.

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