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Guy Cimbalo Insults Conservative Women

Guy Cimbalo recently conveyed his feelings on conservative politics and his frustration with the current administration by insulting high profile conservative women in an article entitled "So Wrong It's Right" and posting it to Playboy's website. Playboy quickly pulled the piece but given the gnashing of teeth that ensued immediately after the article's posting, with a tish of research you can quickly familiarize yourself with its gist. Mr. Cimbalo, crudely ignorantly and without talent, attacked ten high profile conservative women by comparing their politics to their perceived skill (or lack thereof) in the sack. (yawn).

Bluntly, he suggested the ever so trite "Hatef ***."
Forgotten Many men have resorted to dark humor of a sexual nature in an attempt to belittle women's opinions since time. If modern women with a scintilla of life experience are not familiar with this behavior, frankly, I am concerned that you may lack the sophistication and life experience necessary to weigh in on current issues with the depth capable of sponsoring any amount of genuine change. Reasonable minds prevail, and this is a reasonable minds needed issue. Focusing on Cimbalo's idiotic rant is a time suck of energy that could best be focused on oh. . . perhaps. . . . getting to the bottom of the "Two Girls, One Cup" video that's been going around American high schools and college campuses for months now. But I digress.
If you, as a woman, at any moment during your life in the midst of expressing your opinion or your feelings have been subjected to the following by any one, you understand what's Cimbalo accomplished: "Are you on your period?" "When is The last time you had sex? "" I have what you want. "" I know what you need. "" You need to be F ****" "Nice ass!" "Keep going. . . I love it when you're worked up, "The list goes on and on. These phrases often achieve the desired goal of halting one's train of thought, quickening one's blood pressure and commandeering a complete refocus of energy to the predictable defense of womanhood ever since Adam Eve threw under the bus.

Ladies, some men handle a rant of this nature with much more ease than facing the fact that your intellect simply Exceeds theirs and that the majority of what comes from your mouth flies completely over their heads. In verbal altercations between women, this same result can be achieved with the simple, "Yeah. . . well your ass is huge. "" Oh my god, I feel SO sorry for your kids. "" You're crazy. "" WHAT the hell is WRONG with you? "It's an extremely effective base level strategy. Absolutely no intellect is involved and it's very difficult not to get sucked into it. Women are actually very good at emasculating males with reference to the size of their naughty bits. It goes both ways.

Cimbalo listed ten intelligent, beautiful women intimidating conservative He considers in need of the trite "Hatef ***" and apparently considers himself the man for the job. He was neither suggesting these women be raped - "rape" being the word which has been erroneously and dangerously substituted for F *** - by many writers across America nor advocating violence against women. He put men to keyboard what would have Remained there's a liberal in a room or at a liberal men's water cooler. Conservative men women have their own men's rooms and water coolers and I am quite sure have made the same types of comments about beautiful intelligent intimidating liberal political. Cimbalo obviously was not prepared for the reaction he's received, and will pay dearly for it. Or perhaps, we've given him precisely the reaction he Hoped to achieve and he's currently laughing his ass off

Frankly, Cimbalo could have been dismissed with a beautifully simple, "We can not feel it Guy, is it in yet?"

See? It's easy.

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