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Crystals Conference - High Vibrational Crystals

Day Two of the Exeter Crystals Conference opened with Hazel Raven’s presentation on high vibrational stones. These are the crystals that have the ability to connect you to higher realms of consciousness.

I was impressed by Hazel’s common sense view on developing full conscious perception. She shares my belief that it is best to have your awareness developed so as to pick up on subtle information around you, of whatever nature that may be. She feels there are too many lightworkers walking around with the attitude ‘if I can’t see the negativity it won’t affect me’. She made it plain that taking that stance is self-delusional and makes you ‘easy pickings’. She urges us all to open our eyes to what is really there, dropping our fear of what we may see, which creates a ‘veil’ that separates us from what we may become. Lightworkers need to get real about the world, then we can truly stand in our power and make a difference.

The first higher vibrational stone Hazel recommended was moldavite. This is a green glassy form of tektite which formed a splash field when a meteorite struck Moldavia millions of years ago. Many believe it is a truly ‘extra-terrestrial’ stone. I certainly feel it has links with some extra-terrestrial beings. One of my own students meditating with it late at night fell asleep with some on her brow and woke to a large and powerful extra terrestrial being in her bedroom. She has since had positive extra-terrestrial guidance- but I don’t recommend falling asleep with this stone- she was pretty terrified by the immense power of this presence at the time!

Hazel feels that moldavite is less aggressive now in its action than it used to be. It is famed for the ‘moldavite rush’ of rising heat when it is held, but it seems that fewer people experience this when first holding the stone and more of us can tolerate wearing it. Perhaps it has become integrated into human experience now. Hazel senses that the stone is linked to the Pleiades star system, known as the Seven Sisters, and also to the energy of Green Tara.

The second stone Hazel recommended was phenacite. This powerful and very rare stone is usually only available as tiny clear crystals and is rather expensive. I held some at a fair years ago and sensed tremendous energy shooting straight up my arm- the mineral dealer had come to me for my advice about whether to buy as he felt it was rather expensive at £7 a piece. I’m kicking myself for not buying a crystal at that point as the current UK price is tending to be £20 plus! This is one of the highest vibrational stones yet discovered.

Hazel’s third recommendation was for Azeztulite, a rare form of quartz. Though not quite as potent as phenacite it is somewhat cheaper to buy, and still packs a high vibrational punch. She feels it activates the higher chakras and has a ‘bright star connection’.

Finally Hazel suggested working with rainbow moonstone. This is a trade name for a stone which is closer to labradorite and isn’t a true moonstone, however this is the name you will find it by in the shops. This white stone holds amazing blue light within it which Hazel experiences as cleansing and purifying. Thankfully it is usually easily obtained and quite cheap too. If you find the higher vibrational stones hard to work with then rainbow moonstone may help, as it allows you to shed the dense energies that are blocking the higher frequencies from coming through your system.

I found it interesting that Hazel spoke of synergy. She has been working with combinations of stones and has found them much more powerful in their action when skilfully combined. She showed us her 'big five’ crystal- a quartz point on which moldavite, phenacite, azeztulite, danburite, and tanzanite were attached. Do be aware this particular energy tool is probably safest in the hands of a qualified and experienced crystal healer.

A more accessible and much cheaper way to work with these energies is in the form of a gem essence. Hazel used her ‘Ascension into Cosmic Consciousness’ spray with the audience, which contains essences of amblygonite, angelite, clear quartz, danburite, moldavite, petalite, phenacite, with essential oils of frankincense, spikenard, lavender, ylang ylang and neroli. I found the mist very pleasant and consciousness-lifting in its action. I did buy a bottle as I’m short of the phenacite in my own collection and I have used it since at home, finding it very helpful when tuning in to my higher wisdom.

Hazel Raven has written several books on crystals. She was a contributer to one of my absolute favourite crystal books- The Book of Stones.

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