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David Wells - Past, Present and Future

David Wells is one of Britain’s most respected psychic mediums, commanding such affection that he has his own fan club, the aptly titled the Wells Angels. He’s best known for his work on the series ‘Most Haunted’, but few people realise that he is also an astrologer, tarot reader and performs past life regression.

In ‘Past, Present and Future’ he gives the reader the tools to look into their own past lives in a safe manner. He discusses what may be gained from such an enquiry and includes plenty of case studies, from his own personal regressions and others that illustrate his points. The tone is always friendly and reassuring with plenty of reminders to ground yourself back down into the here and now after visualisations.

Past life regression will not appeal to everyone, but David Wells feels that a regression can bring guidance and understanding like nothing else. As a therapist who carries out regressions regularly I’d certainly agree. I’ve seen remarkable breakthroughs following regressions. If you have an interest in past lives then you are probably ready to go and look.

An unusual feature of the book is the inclusion of the South nodes of the moon. I have to confess astrology isn’t my strength and I hadn’t come across nodes of the moon at all until I read David’s first book Complete Guide to Developing Your Psychic Skills where he discusses the North nodes of the moon. I was impressed by the information though. Don’t worry it is easy to work out your South node from a table at the back of the book.- but don’t do this until after you’ve visited a few lives! I turned out to have a Scorpio South node which indicated:

“The one who set things up, saw where to go and directed people in the right direction, queen to a powerful king, general in battle, or perhaps a wise woman of the village, a life immersed in the magic of the earth, that’s your past life profile”

There is more, all of it uncannily spot on for my own forays into past lives. I’ve seen my life as Egyptian High Priestess with my current partner as the High Priest and been Queen to a very powerful king (that one took a lot of confirmation before I’d accept it, it seemed too outlandish). I have also seen a life in a poor South American village in a hut with hoards of children, so it hasn‘t always been pomp and ceremony and I don’t get a fanfare when I arrive places these days!

Before you get the idea that past life work is about trying to find a more important persona to feed your everyday ego, it’s not. Verifying who you were really isn’t the main point of regressing. As David explains past life work can be the key to present life blocks and issues. What happened to you in the past can be carried forwards into the present and we tend to run up against soul group members who were players in our previous existences, often unconsciously repeating patterns with them. This is one reason why we can have instant feelings of like, love, dislike, or even hatred for people on first meeting.

The ‘big life’ in Egypt for me is the key life explaining many things that have held me back It ended with the most horrific execution, now I have a ‘success is dangerous’ script running. I’m working on that one! I also had a hatred of one of my partner’s friends, the merest mention of her name brought out pure vitriol in me. Turns out she was the one that got me into trouble. I know now it is old stuff and I no longer froth at the mouth when her name comes up!

As David shows us your regressions can also give you insight into skills you have a natural aptitude for. Don’t expect to find a life as a concert pianist and return instantly able to play perfect piano, but you would probably have an easier time learning than most because you’ve done it all before. The Egyptian life was one of my healing lives. In an earlier, nicer, part of the regression I saw myself in a healing temple teaching my Priestesses to heal with crystals. What is my main occupation now? Just the same, minus the grand temple!

There is a chapter on magical or mythical lives. I’m glad David includes this as people sometimes do go back to Atlantis or Lemuria, which stretches belief for many. My feeling is that civilisation has been here on earth for a lot longer than we are led to believe and some of these ‘mythical’ civilisations were far more advanced than we are now in some ways. David gives an account of his own experience of the downfall of Atlantis which is compelling.

One of my students experienced the most magical life as a ‘crystal priestess’ which sounded like something straight from a science fiction novel. She was most mortified to see her past life persona swiftly kick a stray dog as she left the temple. For me this was the clincher between her subconscious offering up a ‘life I would like to believe I had’ and a real past life experience. She’d never have put that kick into a fantasy!

Use David’s book as a starting place for your past life exploration, work though the exercises patiently, keeping a journal of your findings and I think you’ll gain much. For additional confidence I’d enlist an interested friend and work together taking turns to lead and support, or have a regression session with a respected and experienced therapist first so that you understand what to expect.

I admire David's whole way of working and when my own past life book, Light behind the Angels, was ready in draft for I sent it to him to read. He sent back a lovely endorsement which is on the back over now.

David is yet to be a star in the States- only a matter of time I would think, but you can order his book from Amazon UK.

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