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Physical Education Curriculum Guidelines

Here are the guidelines for teaching a Physical Education program at home. Location, ability and accessibility are all factors in determining your individual program. These curriculum guidelines are not carved in stone, they are guidelines. The importance of physical activity, no matter what skills or sport it is, remains the main goal of keeping our homeschoolers healthy.

Grade 1-
1. Perform the locomotor skills of hopping,jumping, galloping, sliding, and skipping.
2. Identify the simple and basic positive effects of exercise and it's importance for a healthy body.
3. Throw underhand to a stationary target.
4. Catch an underhand thrown ball.
5. Jump and land for height and distance.
6. Basic tumbling.
7. Kick a slowly rolling ball using the instep.
8. Continuously strike a balloon or lightweight ball using an underhand motion while remaining in area of proximity.

Grade 2-
1. Dribble a ball with the feet.
2. Throw overhand to a stationary target and catch an overhand thrown ball.
3. Explain why the heart beats faster, the lungs breathe faster/deeper, and the skin sweats during and immediately after moderate and vigorous exercise.
4. Jump over a self-turned jump rope.
5. Explain that exercising and making healthy choices (e.g., eating fruits and vegetables) are ways to make the heart healthier.

Grade 3-
1. Define aerobic activity and apply methods for
measuring heart rate; Identify activities that develop muscular strength and muscular endurance; Identify activities that develop flexibility.
2. Perform a line dance while demonstrating all movements accurately and staying in formation during the dance.
3. Strike a self-dropped ball, with a lightweight racket, using a forehand stroke.
4. Strike a stationary ball with a bat.
5. Catch and throw balls at a variety of levels.

Grade 4-
1. Ability to do simple gymnastic, such as a cartwheel or handstand.
2. Participates in team play.
3. Is able to volley a ball in play.

Grade 5-
1. Identify phases of stretching and aerobic workouts.
2. Basketball/Golf Skills are more easily mastered.

Teaching P.E. can be difficult. I find myself relying on swimming alot for my son, as we live in Florida. Check with your local homeschool groups for any pre-arranged classes they might have. Places like "My Gym" and the YMCA are great programs for homeschoolers. Dance classes, bowling, ice skating, and hiking are only a few of the fun and challenging activities you can encourage your homeschooler to do. Think about making a family exercise time, and maybe put up a volleyball net in the backyard. Below are some product ideas for making Physical Education class a success with your homeschooler.

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