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In Defense of Alex Knepper

Alex Knepper wrote an article for The Eagle, American University Washington DC’s student newspaper (link below, check out the “rants”) that has caused outrage, prompted an apology from the “adults” in charge, culminated in a newspaper retraction and has been called upon to defend his opinion as to drunken college females and date rape.

Mr. Knepper, I am happy to defend your position.

I watched you on the Early Show this morning as you held your own against the trite oxymoronic skewed “feminist” rhetoric which is ironically and overwhelmingly responsible for the perpetuated subjugation of women under current law and current opinion, to wit: anytime date sex with a man is involved, the woman is not responsible if she changes her mind (a woman’s prerogative, true?), and that to hold her accountable for her own bad decisions and regret is victim blaming and to be abhorred in civilized society.

Get ready for what’s coming your way my young friend. Your sophisticated and progressive views on culpability with regards to – consensual and cosmically wonderful when drunk turned rape when you wake up the next morning, can’t find your panties and have to take the walk of shame across campus back to your own room or to search for your car - sex are neither popular nor politically correct. I hope you stay strong, do not buckle, do not second guess yourself and do not apologize for your opinion. The law with regards to consent, sex and inebriation should be taught to young men on every college campus in America. Ironically, a young woman’s inebriation is no defense if she kills a family of four with her car after leaving the party – she consented to the drinking.

I am certain that some of those who curse you today will change their tunes once they grow up to raise sons who do not receive the same benefit and protection of law as do daughters. Sons, who are saddled with the burden of not only being responsible for their own youthful sex and drinking decisions but also with those of every female with whom they come into contact while inebriated. Check out virgin protection statutes which some states still carry on their books and your view may change as to how the fair gender is still actually perceived. Touting a view that a girl is not as culpable as a boy for her actions while drunk is not only dark ages but damned idiotic. You who look down on those who ask, “What in God’s name were you doing drunk in a boy’s room, naked and in his bed at two o’clock in the morning??” – as if this question is not relevant – I don’t know what to say about you except that I wish there was a pill you could take.

Mr. Knepper was not championing the position that a drunken young woman who sloppily and willingly follows a wine and spirits manifested inamorato back to his room in the wee hours of the morning at any frat house or dorm room on any college campus in America deserves to be raped. He was absolutely NOT minimizing the victimization of women by sexual predators. It is shameful, dangerous and offensive that in modern times Mr. Knepper’s view on female culpability was met with such paternalistic and brainwashed backlash.

I have one son and one daughter. We have culpability discussions frequently with regards to these issues. We’re old school in our house – play with fire, you may get burned. My daughter is about to begin college, I tell her there is no need to drink the “jungle juice” follow a boy back to his room at two in the morning to discuss philosophy and politics. Save it for daylight. I tell my son who is four years younger - discuss philosophy and politics at two in the morning alone with a girl when you go to college if you’ve both been drinking “jungle juice” and you are going to jail. I figure if I brainwash him now, it may save him from his own bad decisions and the female prerogative later.

No worries Mr. Knepper, you didn’t set “the movement” back – to be sure, you may have started one. And certainly in the area of date rape prosecutions, where the State often chooses to err on the side of female chastity, perpetuating a paternalistic view of the weaker sex – the disservice done young men subjected to an archaic double standard as well as victims of rape in American deserve nothing less.

You have begun a dialogue. Kudos Mr. Knepper.

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