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Reviewing your Year

The few days running up to New Year are perfect for reviewing the year just gone before setting your intentions for the year ahead.

Find yourself a space when you won’t be interrupted. Put some relaxing music on & light a candle and some incense, or burn an essential oil you like. While you do this review all of your senses are going to be treated and soothed!

Now spend a little time visualising the year that has just passed. Close your eyes, take a few deep slow breaths and see yourself standing on a path. The year that is ending is stretched out on the path behind you, in front is the year that is to come. We will explore that next time. Walk back along the path of the past year. Along the way objects and people are dotted that represent the highs and the lows. Who are they? What are they? Maybe there are obstacles along the path, perhaps it is clear. Does it run up hill, or downhill, straight or twisted? Are there forks in the path representing major choices? Notice everything. At the end of the path is a marker representing the start of the year. Another time you can look back further into your life if you like, but for now you turn around and retrace your steps until you are standing once more on the point of the present moment. Take a few deep breaths, stretch, open your eyes and note or draw everything you saw on a piece of paper.

Take some time to think about what you have seen. Some of the people may be familiar, some not. Some of the objects may make sense & some may be a puzzle. A visualisation is a symbolic journey & you may need to interpret the things you saw in the same way that you’d need to interpret a dream.

Now take a sheet of paper and fold it in half, so that you have two columns. The left side is for recording all of the things you enjoyed over the past year. The lessons learned, the positive changes you’ve made, the successes, the people you’ve brought happiness to, the ‘good luck’ that came your way. Really fill this side of the page. You’ve just invested a year of your life, so what have you gained? If some of the objects & people on the path of the past year looked or felt positive note these down here, even if you haven’t quite worked out what they were about yet.

The right half is for the ‘mistakes’ you’ve made, the bad things you’ve said, the people you’ve hurt, the things that went wrong, the ‘bad luck’. If there were people or objects on the path that felt negative write them here. Is this easier to write or harder than the first half? No-one has a life that is all sunshine or all rain & there is no shame in admitting to yourself that some things weren’t quite how you’d like them to be. However people that find it easy to reel off their ‘bad luck’ and difficult to notice the good generally have more difficulty in appreciating life, so do keep an eye on yourself if you find this bit too easy!

Now look carefully again at the lists. Did the positives outweigh the negatives for you or did you struggle with writing this? Did you stop to savour the positives when they were happening or just plough on through life? Can you appreciate the good things now? Gratefully accept the good things that were in your life and say a big ‘thank you’ to the Universe for bringing them to you.

Is there a pattern emerging? Can you see that some of the difficult times have taught you lessons that would be have been hard to grasp through the easy times? Have you become stronger through some of your challenges, or more understanding of others perhaps? If you can’t see the reasons behind some of the more difficult times you’ve experienced then simply say “I trust that all things are brought to me for my spiritual development.“ This attitude helps you to accept that some lessons are painful or feel unfair, but all have a purpose.

Now you can decide what you’ll do with your review. I suggest that you choose the highlights from your first list and write them onto some pretty paper or copy them into the journal. This is your ‘look at me and smile’ list. Look at it often and be grateful for your blessings.

My preference is to release the contents of the second list. Once the patterns or lessons are noticed there is no need to dwell on things that were sad or difficult. Symbolically cleanse them from your system by tearing this half of the paper up & burning it, safely of course! As the flames consume the paper allow yourself to fully feel any sadness, grief or anger. Shed any tears that need to be released and then let go, knowing that the New Year is a fresh start with fresh opportunities for you.

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