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What The Bleep Do We Know!?

I heard all the excitement about ‘What the Bleep!?’ when it was first released in the cinemas, but was unable to make a screening- the nearest one being two hours from me. So I’m delighted that this documentary film is available now on DVD. I’m also thrilled to own it because the information it contains is so staggering and thought provoking that a single viewing will certainly not be enough. This is one film I’m really going to watch again and again.

So what’s it all about? For those of you who missed the reviews when the film first came out, it is a documentary about quantum physics. Now I wouldn’t normally sit down to watch a heavy scientific documentary, but through their excellent visuals and clear language, quantum physics is made accessible for the non-scientist. And it’s entertaining!

What you basically have is a group of eminent scientists talking like mystics and gurus. This is cutting edge science and it is proving the theories we have been working with as healers and new age philosophers are absolutely right- though no less mysterious and awe inspiring for it. For example our thoughts really do affect our bodies, they affect our perception of reality & even more mysteriously they affect what becomes drawn into our reality. So using affirmations, changing destructive thought patterns to positive ones, looking beyond the narrow perception of what is possible and manifesting our dreams are all very realistic ways to heal and enrich our lives. I help people with this all the time because it ‘feels right’- but isn’t it great when you get your work validated?

Alongside the commentary from the experts runs a drama, demonstrating changes to one woman’s life as she expands her thinking, learns to stop repeating old patterns of hurt from the past and begins to love herself for who she is. This gives the film engaging human interest and is an excellent way of illustrating quantum physics in operation at the level of an individual life. This isn’t a film about some abstract science, it is a film that challenges you to reflect on how you personally are choosing to live your life.

There is so much to think about in ‘What the Bleep’ that it is hard for me to choose what to share with you. Here’s one gem from the film that really got me thinking:

In Washington DC in 1993 a group of 4,000 volunteers gathered to meditate. The organisers predicted violent crime would fall by 25%. The police department verified that over the period of meditation violent crime really did fall by 25%!

Just stop to think what was going on there. Violent criminals were having their behaviour moderated from a distance by other folk meditating. Meditation really can save lives! And this was just the recorded effect on violent crime. How many smaller improvements in the way we humans interact may have been going on unmonitored? What would it mean for society if schools included half an hour a day for pupils to meditate? What about our workplaces? Prisons?

In short I have never been so impressed with a documentary as I was with ‘What the Bleep Do We Know!?’ If you haven’t seen it yet & you are ready to have your awareness expanded you’ll love this film.

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