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Angel Message Faith and Expectation

Faith is not a force you seek to attract; it is an ever present expression of what you already believe about your life, and the world around you, whether your beliefs about them are true or not.

So often people believe that itís their lack of faith that keeps them from having peace and joy in their lives; that if they only had a little more faith, then everything would be alright.

But faith is an ever present force. You always have faith, but you may not be aware of where your faith is being directed.

Faith is an unshakeable knowing. You can have faith in the goodness of humanity, that your partner is loyal, and that a promotion will come through.

You may also have faith that because you sat next to someone with a cold, you will also catch the cold. Or you may have faith that since your boss has failed to appreciate your last four attempts to impress him, he wonít be impressed with your fifth attempt either.

Faith is believing in something with your whole heart, whether it is true or not, whether it is good or not.

Faith is your expectation of what will happen, whether itís good or bad, and it is a powerful creative force. It can create your highest good, or lack of it. It can create based on the truth, or based on a lie.

So, if you believe you work for the best company ever, that will become your experience, even if some of your co-workers think itís a horrible company to work for.

Your experience of life is completely based, not on truth or lies, or good or bad; your experience is based on your expectation Ė and that is whatever you have faith in (or believe in with your whole heart).

To truly express the brightest version of yourself, you have to make sure your expectations are in alignment with your brightest good.

How do you feel right now? Do you feel loving? Enthusiastic? Creative? If you do, then you are in alignment with your highest good, and your expectations are directed toward your brightest outcome.

Or, do you feel stuck? Limited? Fearful? If you are feeling limited in any way, then your expectation is that you wonít experience your happy outcome.

Ask your angels to help you get out of this low vibrational state. The keyword here though is help. You have to be willing to put forth your best efforts here too.

First off, ask your team of angels to surround you and guide you. Then think about whatís concerning you. What is it you are worried about? State it out loud.

Then affirm: Thank you for helping me to see that at the level of Spirit, my problems are already solved. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Now consciously raise your own vibrational state. State out loud, about thirty times, thank you, thank you, thank you. Yes, say it over and over until you feel a shift Ė and you will if you keep at it long enough. Once you feel the shift in your vibrational state, ask your angels to amp up that feeling!!

Now ask your angels to fill your day with kindness and light, and to open doors, bring you new opportunities, and to exceed your expectations in ways that surprise and delight you. Then have faith that this is so. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Remember, you are an infinite being in a body, and peace, abundance, and joy seek to work through you in all ways.

Angel Blessings on your week, Deanna.

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