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Overview of the Wands Court Cards

In the Tarot, the court cards represent various personality characteristics and types of people. Each page, queen and king is associated with a sign of the zodiac and can also be used to indicate possible time frames in readings. Kings and queens in Tarot represent leadership, accountability and reaching one's fullest potential. When they come up in abundance for a reading that is purely personal in nature, they can speak of traits you need to develop to best reach your goals.

Below is a list of the Wands court cards with the astrological sign and personality traits they are most associated with. There are some variances of course depending on the deck you use. For example, some decks have pages and knights while others feature a prince and princess. Meanings do vary slightly and of course as you learn to read Tarot you will likely come up with your own impressions of the personalities that these cards carry as well.

King of Wands: This card is associated with the sign of Aries (March - April) People with this card are energetic, idealistic, confident and sometimes daring or headstrong. When they feel motivated by a goal they start off with great gusto, but often need others to see the details. They are often impatient and can become tempermental when things don't go their way. Many people with this card as their significator are drawn to careers where they build or plan things. Architects, construction,
developers, think "planning" and that is a career where you'll see this person. This is a person who is very direct and assertive, but they are also quite charming enabling them to persuade others or win people over to their point of view rather easily.

Queen of Wands: This card is associated with the sign of Leo. She is someone who has a flare for the dramatic and always makes an impression. Queen of wands people are very generous, loyal, and fun-loving. They also tend to have an impulsive streak like their King counterpart. The Queen of Wands person loves to be the center of attention and as such they are often drawn to careers where they are in the public eye. Entertainers, athletes, artists, and even political figures often have this card as a significator. This queens downfall can be the tendency to be too self-absorbed. There is a tendency to appear egotistical or to have a certain "aloofness" that may put others off. It's important for those with this card to use their natural charm and wit - but to temper the need for center stage sometimes and let others have some input.

Knight of Wands: Knights are not associated with any particular sign and they come up around events or situations that are changeable and unpredictable. As people, they often speak of someone who will come and go quickly into your circle, or who may only be playing a temporary role regarding the question asked. Other times they don't represent people at all, but just a situation that is very changeable at the moment. Often they speak of "hidden" opportunities and a need to be open minded and ready to move quickly. This particular Knight speaks of initiative, passion, boldness. Knight people tend to be very passionate and driven by their motivations. In this instance the Knight of Wands motivations tend to be more strategic and analytical. This is a thinking, more calculating person who is motivated by competition, success, and winning.

Page of Wands: The sign associated with this card is Sagittarius (November - December) This card tends to signify someone who is very outgoing and gregarious, sometimes high strung or super concerned with how others perceive them. They bore easily and are sometimes seen as flighty or not tightly focused. Page of Wands is someone who tends to be visionary and forward thinking, they don't like the status quo and are always looking with an eye to improvement. They are often drawn to careers and pursuits that allow them to explore ideas and concepts rather than more "concrete" fields. Philosophers, artists, writers - they are "ideas" people. They love to explore ideas and concepts, but tend to need others around them for support when it comes to acting on their ideas.

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