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Spiritual Spring Cleaning

This season is traditionally the time to go through your house giving everything a really good Spring clean. As the days get longer and a bit brighter we are ready to come out of our winter hibernation and brush off the cobwebs. But did you realise that cleaning has a spiritual dimension to it?

The old saying is cleanliness is next to godliness. There is a good basis for this. Our home environment mirrors the state of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. Take a look around. What do you think your home is saying about you right now?

If your home has lots of grungy bits and is clogged and cluttered the chances are your physical vitality is lower than it should be and your life feels like it's just one big struggle. Your energy field will also be less than radiant. If you give everything a good spring clean and have a clear out, you will release lots of stuck energy & start to brighten your aura too. You can expect to feel more creative & alert, and have more zest for life.

To get most benefit from a spiritual Spring clean you should:

Chuck out the junk: most of us have so much in our homes that we neither use, need nor love. All that stuff pulls our energy down. Roll up your sleeves and get sorting out. Charity shops will be glad of your cast off clothing and unwanted gifts. Recycle unnecessary papers, books you don't refer to, piles of old magazines- the list goes on! As you lighten up the load in your home I bet your mood will lighten too!

Use Eco friendly cleaning products: Chemical cleaning products are harmful both for you & the environment. Buy a reputable brand or even make your own basic cleaning product from household ingredients. Try this recipe:
Natural Window and Surfaces Cleaner
white vinegar
Pour equal parts white vinegar and water into a spray bottle. Spray it on the surface. If there are stubborn marks allow to stand for about 15 minutes. Wipe off. For shiny windows & mirrors buff up with crumpled newspaper.

Clean with a positive intention: If you clean hating every minute then the resentment you hold will permeate the atmosphere in the house. Focus on how good you'll feel when it is all done & you will imbue the house with your positive vibes. If you just can't face it hire in a cleaning company who will tackle the job for you- but it really is more rewarding if you can do it yourself.

Open the windows: Pick a nice sunny Spring day! Our indoor environment is usually more polluted than our outdoor environment because of all the modern products we have that exude harmful toxins, including our carpets & soft furnishings. A good airing will help to reduce this build up. Also opening the windows allows for a better flow of chi energy, refreshing and revitalising your home.

Cleanse right into the corners: Stagnant energy- like dust, settles more in the corners of your house. By getting the corners clean you begin to move the energy too. If you really want to be thorough and get the best results Space Clear your home, so that your home is not just physically clean but is energetically clear too. For more information on space clearing read Karen Kingston's excellent book 'Creating Sacred Space with Feng Shui'.

Purify the atmosphere and lift the vibration by burning solid incense- traditionally used in all major religions for its cleansing properties. Incense such as frankincense can tangibly improve the energy in your home. Check that your incense is made of natural ingredients. Much that is commercially available is chemically perfumed and can actually lower the vibration & pollute the atmosphere of your home. Caution: when burning incense follow all the common sense fire safety precautions- otherwise you may get rid of more possessions than you bargained for!!

Finally, why not cleanse yourself too? A Spring detox is a good pick me up after stodgy winter fare for most people, although you should check with your GP if in any doubt. Just a day or two on a juice and fruit diet can give you a real boost- any longer fasting should be properly supervised. You can cleanse your aura using essences, try a couple of drops of pine or crab apple essence taken through your aura or use a ready made formula. Another good cleanser is to soak in a bath with two cups of epsom salts- these salts have great detoxifying health benefits and are cheap to buy.

Give yourself a real fresh start and put a 'Spring' in your step!

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