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Do You Believe in Faeries?

The realm of Faery is only a hair’s breadth way from ours. I believe that we are surrounded by many different beings that have a higher vibrational rate than ours. This allows them to be ‘invisible’ to our normal senses, but visible when we are tuned in and receptive. I use the term faery to cover a wide ranging group, including fairies, gnomes, sylphs, undines, naiads, dryads and other so-called ‘mythical’ beings.

Most commonly it seems we spot faeries as twinkling lights. I caught sight of one last week whilst sitting outside late at night talking. The sparkling light was diamond bright in intensity and winked on and off quickly. It was only a short distance away where nothing else could possibly be emitting light. I spotted it doing this on and off over an hour or so- maybe it was listening curiously to our conversation, my companion spotted it too after I pointed it out.

You may have seen faery orbs in photographs. One of my crystal healing students went to Ireland for an Angel workshop a couple of years ago. Whilst in the countryside she became of the faery folk and had several conversations with them- she’s a natural clairvoyant. She brought back lots of photos. Many when developed contained faery orbs- like bright soap bubbles.

I don’t believe that most faeries are good or bad. In fact I suspect the majority are amoral & view our complex human systems of morality with some bewilderment and amusement. To me they feel like creatures of nature and follow natural laws, not some superimposed system of behaviour. This spontaneous point of view can be extremely refreshing for us humans with our moral dilemmas.

If you want to get closer to the world of faery I would recommend getting in touch with nature. It is sensible to approach Faery with due respect. Traditional fairy stories are often cautionary tales! Show your respect by picking up litter, or maybe planting a wildflower garden at home. Feed the birds and make your garden a habitat for wildlife, using organic methods wherever possible. I think this may be why we hear about ‘fairies at the bottom of the garden’, this is often the least cultivated and regimented part of the plot.

You can decorate your home and garden with bright, twinkling and moving objects. I feel many faeries are playful in outlook and attracted to pretty things. I’ve decorated my ‘faery tree’ at home with Feng Shui crystals that catch the sunlight prettily and added a hanging basket filled with herbs. Gentle wind chimes and mobiles would also be appropriate.

I’ve had some success communicating with faery through shamanic journeying. On several occasions I’ve been met by a faery and given a message in this way. Of course sceptics can always put this sort of experience down to an over active imagination, but the quality of the communication has felt authentic and helpful enough to me, so I don’t think it matters whether the contact was real or imaginary.

I’ve personally enjoyed connecting with Faery through ‘The Faeries Oracle’, designed by Brian Froud and engagingly narrated by Jessica Macbeth. I’ve found certain faeries come up time & time again for me, particularly if I’m asking for help with a particular issue. You can visit The World of Froud website for a good look at his lovely artwork.

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