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Grounding your Energy Field

Grounding is the foundation of a healthy system and everyone can benefit from it. All healers must be very aware of their grounded state, as to heal effectively and in a sustainable way requires the flow of healing energy through a well-balanced energy system.

By grounding we mean the connection of the human energy field to that of the Earth. This connection allows you to draw from the abundant source of Earth’s energy while at the same time ensuring that you do not accumulate excess energy- this can be thought of like the earth wire for electricity- excess energy is safely dissipated into the ground. Being well grounded helps you deal with life in a secure and rational manner.

You can become aware of your grounded state. Often the connection takes the form of a slight buzzing, warmth or tingling under the sole of each foot. It is useful to train yourself in this awareness. When you have practiced grounding regularly you should find that you can ground yourself simply by thinking of grounding, or turning your attention to the soles of your feet. It is the work of seconds and can make a huge difference to your life.

Many people go through their lives being ungrounded. If you know people who seem to be off in a dream world, or `dizzy', chances are their grounding is poor. Similarly people who have a tendency to be nervy, fly off the handle or get things out of proportion. Outbursts of anger are a less pleasant way that the body can discharge built up energy. Lack of grounding is also a feature of many conditions that leave people weak and listless.

Some methods of grounding are passive- in other words the person being grounded doesn't consciously have to do anything. Crystals can be used in this way. I tend to recommend that they are placed under or between the feet whilst someone watches TV or sits working, however they can also be carried in pouches or worn as jewellery. The best stones to use are generally dark or earthy in colour. Most popular choices are hematite, dark obsidians and tiger’s eye. Black tourmaline is a favourite grounding stone as it is also very protective against negative energies.

Some activities are naturally very grounding. Keen gardeners usually have a good Earth connection. Walking around barefoot is helpful, especially outdoors. Other passive methods include having something to eat or drink, or doing some exercise.

During a healing I ensure that clients remain grounded by placing grounding stones at the point of the Earth Star, which is below the feet. Strong grounding can help to `fix' the adjustments made in the energy field during
a treatment. Some practitioners recommend leaving a client ungrounded when receiving treatment. I do not, as this can leave the client vulnerable and disorientated.

A grounding visualisation can be helpful. Use the image of roots growing out from the sole of each foot deep down into the Earth and then drawing up Earth energy. I like to draw the energy right up through my feet & legs, up through my torso until it reaches my heart centre.

Try to become more aware of your grounded state and take daily steps towards strengthening this connection. You will most likely notice a real difference to your health and vitality if you do.

Here's a grounding meditation I've recorded on Youtube. I hope you enjoy it!
A Simple Grounding Visualisation

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