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Soul Mate and Twin Flame Relationships

Relationships with others are one of the biggest challenges and learning experiences of our physical incarnations. None more so than our relationships with our soul mates and our twin flame.

First the difference between the two! Many people talk about their longing for a soul mate. Some speak as if they could only have one possible soul mate. I don’t believe this is true. My experience of regressing people into past lives tells me that we incarnate in soul groups, within which there are several soul mate relationships possible. It may take quite some time to find a true soul mate- you aren’t necessarily all incarnated in the same country for example, or all of the same age.

When people talk about only having one soul mate I believe they are really talking about their Twin Flame. A twin flame relationship is very different. There is truly only one twin flame for you out there and he/she may not even be incarnate during this lifetime. The reason for this is that you really are two halves of the same soul that split at the beginning of time to learn and grow separately. The yearning to find your ‘other half’ is very strong and you may sense this searching within yourself & a feeling of incompleteness.

Before you decide you will hold out for your Twin Flame & accept no one else, let me say that the energies between yourself and your Twin can be so intense it can be quite overwhelming- you ‘know’ each other so completely because you mirror the other. The love between Twin Flames is without comparison, but you can also hurt each other in a way no one else can because you can get right under the other’s normal defences! Many twin flame relationships are fiery and short lived- though very memorable. Both souls have to be on the same level of their development for the relationship to survive. If you feel you have loved and lost your Twin Flame rest assured the bond between you is eternal and can’t be broken. You will come back together again in another lifetime and between lives.

So how do you know if you have met a soul mate? It is likely that you will sense first that this person is very significant to you. You may have met through a series of ‘co-incidences’ that can feel quite uncanny. This is true for twin flames too. Your reaction to them is stronger than you would normally expect on first meeting someone and is probably not just a physical attraction. This doesn’t mean you will have a relationship instantly- soul mates may stay just friends, or take years to get together. Bear in mind you have most likely shared several incarnations already with this soul- not necessarily as romantic partners; at a deeper energy level you already know them well.

Please don’t make the mistake of believing that because someone is a soul mate the relationship will be plain sailing. Soul mates incarnate with each other to help each other learn & grow- some of the most difficult people in your lives- the ones that press all your buttons-are probably from the same soul group as yours!

Each relationship we have, good or bad helps our soul’s progression and growth. You are put through your paces by difficult relationships and hopefully emerge stronger and more knowledgeable about yourself. Try to look back at past relationships and evaluate them by what you have learnt from them, rather than fall into the helpless pattern of blame and pain that is so destructive. And if you are enjoying a happy, loving relationship, live in the moment, cherish it and don’t underestimate this gift!

My own story of my soul mate and twin flame relationships is told in Light Behind the Angels and shows how we can meet the same souls again and again through our lifetimes.

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