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Feng Shui Kitchen

A clean, bright, and clutter-free kitchen is a symbol of good health and prosperity in Feng Shui. The kitchen represents the heart of the house because that’s where you prepare, cook, and store the food the food that nourishes your family and your guests. Here are a few things you can do to create a Feng Shui kitchen in any home, no matter whether your space is large or small.

Use the Right Colors. Choose bright, sunny, and earthy colors to feel stable and grounded in your kitchen. Colors in the yellow, terracotta, and brown families symbolically make you feel secure. The color red should be used sparingly in the Feng Shui kitchen, because your stove, microwave, and toaster already symbolically generate enough fire.

Take Care of Your Stove. Your stove is associated with wealth in the Feng Shui kitchen because it's where you cook food to feed family and guests. Therefore, it's important to keep all of your cooking surfaces clean and in good working order. Quickly fix any nonworking burners, and if you have a favorite burner, consider using a different one occasionally to symbolize that you are taking full advantage of all of your financial resources. Hang a mirror behind your stove to symbolically double the number of burners and double your wealth.

Control Water. Water represents money in the Feng Shui kitchen, so a leaking faucet represents money “going down the drain.” Fix your leaks and you will stop the drain on your finances. If your sink and stove are located across from each other it also represents a financial drain. Place a small, nickel size mirror on the stove to reflect away the water. You can easily find these mirrors in craft stores or hobby shops.

Display Fresh Flowers and Fruit. Another way to create a Feng Shui kitchen is to display fresh flowers, healthy plants, or bowls of fruit to represent vitality. Plants like lucky bamboo help clean and purify the air, so place them in the corners of a dark kitchen, between the sink and the stove, and on top of the refrigerator.

Light Your Kitchen. If you don’t have a lot of natural lighting, light up your kitchen with pendants, chandeliers, recessed lights, track lighting, or under cabinet lighting. It’s best of avoid fluorescent light in your kitchen because it represents harsh, cutting energy. If you want to attract light into a small kitchen hang a mirror across from the window.

Separate Cooking and Cleaning Supplies. Avoid storing your brooms, mops, and cleaning supplies out in the open or near your food, because this represents symbolically “sweeping away” and cleaning out your good health. It’s okay to keep your trash under the sink, just be sure to use the smallest size container you can live with and empty it frequently. Avoid keeping your cat’s litter box in the kitchen.

Remove Clutter. One of most important ways to create a Feng Shui kitchen is to remove any clutter so positive chi can flow through your space. That means keeping your counters free from objects like newspapers, mail, and schoolwork, and limiting the number of “knick-knacks” you display.

Want to create your own Feng Shui kitchen? Here are some of my favorite quick Feng Shui tips to help you clear kitchen clutter and encourage the flow of wealth into your home.
* Throw out anything in your refrigerator and freezer that is stale, expired, or "fuzzy."
* Update any old photos, take-out menus, or shopping lists on the fridge door with new ones; and limit the number of magnets.
* Remove everything from your pantry, wipe the shelves, and get rid of any opened items more than six months old.
* Buy a new pair of oven mitts or potholders to replace the burnt ones.
* Refill canisters with fresh flour, sugar, rice, coffee, and tea bags.
* Replace your chipped dishes, cracked glasses, and dented pots which new ones.
* Sweep the kitchen floor toward the door to remove negative energy.

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