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Magnesium - The Beautiful Mineral

In Chinese medicine magnesium is known as ‘mei - the beautiful mineral’ because it encourages healthy skin tissues. Magnesium is as important to the human body as air and water. There are several ounces of magnesium in the body and it is required for hundreds of bio chemical reactions which assist the cardiovascular function and the production of energy.

Magnesium is an alkaline earth metal and the eighth most abundant element found in the earth, the third most abundant element dissolved in sea water and the fourth most abundant mineral in the body. Magnesium dissolves in water but as a metal it is highly flammable. Magnesium was used in flash photograph and is used in fireworks. Magnesium is the metallic ion at the center of chlorophyll.

Magnesium controls the calcium and potassium levels in the body. If there is an inadequate amount of magnesium in the body calcium will be deposited in the joints, brain and kidneys. Calcium collects in the joints when there is insufficient magnesium in the cells causing arthritis. Both potassium and calcium are eliminated in the urine if magnesium levels are insufficient to the body’s needs.

A healthy cell will have a high content of magnesium and a low level of calcium. Magnesium is vital to enzyme activity and protects the body from the stress of sudden blood pressure change.

Magnesium is found in foods such as dairy products, meat, fish and seafood. Sources can also be found in:

• Apple
• Banana
• Brewer’s Yeast
• Fig
• Sesame seed
• Avocado
• Peach
• Green leafy vegetables
• Legumes
• Tofu
• Whole grains
• Kelp
• Apricot

The use of diuretics, alcohol, fluoride and high amounts of zinc and vitamin D in the body increase the need for magnesium. Combined with vitamin B (pyridoxine) it may prevent kidney stones (calcium oxalate).

Large quantities of fats including fish oils, calcium, vitamin D and protein lower the absorption rate of magnesium. Magnesium deficiency plays a role in osteoporosis and the mineral is vital in the bone matrix.

Foods with high quantities of oxalic acid which also hinder magnesium absorption include:

• Rhubarb
• Tea
• Cocoa
• Spinach and chard
• Almonds
• Tea

Magnesium taken orally has a very poor absorption level. The best way to ensure the body gets enough magnesium is to apply it to the skin. It can be bought in the form of an oil solution (magnesium chloride) or a gel lotion. The body will only use what it requires and the excess is excreted. Crystal flakes which are used in the bath like Epsom salts can be used as a bath soak allowing the skin to absorb the mineral. It can be purchased on-line.

Magnesium Products

Magnesium has a calming effect on the body by helping to keep stress hormones such as adrenalin under control. It can help with sleep disturbance. Do not take more magnesium than calcium or you will change the ratio balance which should be about equal 1:1. People who eat a diet which includes dairy products do not have this problem as most people have too much calcium and not enough magnesium in their bodies.

Stress uses up massive amounts of the body’s store of magnesium as does exercise. Relaxation is essential for keeping the mind, body and soul in balance, helping the body to maintain those vital stores of the beautiful mineral.

Appreciate the small things in life.

Be content with what you have;
Rejoice in the way things are.
When you realize there is nothing lacking,
The whole world belongs to you.
~ Lao-Tzu

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