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Frank Herbert's Dune Universe

The Dune series by Frank Herbert is often called the SF equivalent of Tolkein's Lord of the Rings trilogy. Dune won both the Hugo (1966) and the Nebula (1965) and is considered one of the best selling science fiction novels of all time. Even today, this series is popular among readers.

Original Dune series by Frank Herbert
In the far future, several noble houses rule over an intergalactic empire. The series deals with the political maneuvering of the houses and the eventual creation of a god that sets changes in motion that have a far reaching effect.

The current emperor, Shaddam IV, sees Duke Leto Atreides as a threat. He uses an old feud between House Atreides and House Harkonnen to cover his assassination plans. House Atreides is relocated to the desert planet of Arrakis (also known as Dune), the only location of mélange, a precious commodity used by the Spacing Guild and the Bene Gesserit.

Dune Messiah
Twelve years after Dune, Paul Atreides is the Emperor of the Known Universe and the messiah of the Fremen religion. Paul tried to steer the world from the horrible outcomes he sees in his visions, but his rule is unstable since he has not yet produced an heir. His rule is further complicated by a Bene Gesserit conspiracy to keep his mistress, Chani from conceiving and a possible Fremen conspiracy against his rule.

Children of Dune
Nine years have passed since the end of Dune Messiah and as their aunt Alia, Paul's children, Leto and Ghanima, were brought to consciousness before their births. The can see the slow changes in the environment of Arrakis is killing the sand worms, the source of the mélange spice. While House Corrino is plotting to regain control of the empire, the Bene Gesserit,want to gain control of the spice and the Atreides children.

God Emperor of Dune
Following his "Golden Path" to thwart the destruction of humanity, Leto II has merged with a sand trout, living 3000 years and slowly transforming into a giant sandworm. The planet of Arrakis has also changed. Few Fremen are left and the once desert planet no longer produces spice. Leto is known as "the tyrant" and several factions conspire to kill him.

Heretics of Dune
1500 years have passed since Leto II's death, humanity is set on the Golden Path and the sandworms have returned to Arrakis as prophesized. The millions that had left known space in the "great scattering" are now returning, bringing their own agendas. Another of Leto's prophecies is also coming true; there is a sandrider on Arrakis. The Bene Gesserit would like to mold her to their own ends.

Chapterhouse Dune
The Honored Matres, a violent and oppressive force, have control of the empire and are attempting to absorb the Bene Gesserit, whom they consider their last great enemy. Meanwhile the Bene Gesserit are creating another Dune planet and retain control of the last surviving Tleilax and thus the ability to create gholas.

Dune: House Trilogy by Brian Herbert & Kevin J Anderson
House Atreides
This prequel to Dune centers around Leto Atreides I as a young man.

House Harkonnen
Shaddan IV has just taken the throne, but his rule is unsteady until he can produce a male heir. Vladimir Harkonnen plots to gain power, mainly by attack in the Bene Gesserit and House Atreides.

House Corrino
Shaddam IV seeks to manufacture mélange on the machine planet Ix while Leto tries to release the Ixians from their Tleilaxu overlords.

Legends of Dune series by Brian Herbert & Kevin J Anderson
Butlerian Jihad
This novel is set at the beginning of the Butlerian Jihad, a war between sentient machines and the last surviving humans. Several of the great houses of the Dune series are present in the League of Nobles.

The Machine Crusade
This novel is a continuation of the Butlerian Jihad.

Battle of Corrin
The century-long Jihad continues. The Synchronized Empire creates a plague to destroy the human army.

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