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An Interview with Kabbalah's Karen Berg

I met Karen Berg, co-founder of the Kabbalah Centres on the day of her book launch for ‘God Wears Lipstick’ at the Kabbalah Centre in London. In the interview she shares some of her striking insights on Kabbalah, love and relationships.

How much has your awareness of synchronicity and spiritual guidance helped you on the way?
Personally I feel I’ve always been guided and that obviously I’m only a messenger, I’m not the message. If the message has potency and value, as I believe it does, then there’ll be people that will pick that up and say "You know I think this is good for this community." Those are the people we want to approach, we call them older souls, people that have been here long enough to understand a spiritual approach to life.

You’ve broken rank with the tradition that only permits Jewish men over 40 to learn Kabbalah & have made it accessible to anyone. What has been the reaction to this amongst the more orthodox schools of Kabbalah?
It’s the same as when Yoga was brought across to the West. There was an outcry then. Basically there are two grades of Kabbalah. How Jesus walked on water, or how people can be in two places at the same time, these things cannot be taught. If you want to learn these gifts you must be in it so deep that an entity from the other world will come to teach you one on one. Now there’s another part to Kabbalah. How to get yourself out of a negative path that you are on, what to do about becoming more proactive in your life, less reactive, that type of study. Each one of us has a spark of light and we are all beautiful; if that’s true then you and I both have the qualities to learn this philosophy. I really believe that the thing that separates people more than anything else is religion and that spirituality is the thing that brings us together, because we are all one.

In ‘God Wears Lipstick’ your advice is to stand back in conflict situations & not continue to play the old tapes. What lessons have you had to learn in your relationship with your husband and co-founder of the Centres, the Rav Berg?
Patience, pure patience. He’s a Leo. I learned how to step back because Leos roar & you’re all upset, but they don’t remember it the next day. The best thing you can do with an angry Leo is say “I’ll be back, I have to do something, or I have someone I need to see.” Lions growl, but it doesn’t mean anything. When you want something from a Leo you need to compliment them!

In the book you explain that sharing connects us with the Light, can you amplify?
If you take a candle and you light a thousand candles the wax will wane, but you’ve brought the Light. The light of the first candle is absolutely the same as the last candle. The only thing in this world that can never be diminished is the Light. Acts of sharing can generate that circular energy. If you really want to make a relationship work find something you can agree to do together that other people will benefit from.

Can you explain how challenging life events can be viewed positively?
Last year my husband, the Rav, had a stroke. I wasn’t happy obviously that happened, but I knew there was a door about to open. It is so in every situation. We need to understand- when we exercise we have to get on the treadmill, we have to walk, we have to work, we have to do something, otherwise our body falls apart. Nobody ever thinks that they have to do something spiritually to make their spirit grow. These opportunities are the treadmills of the soul. We can say "I’m gonna give up, I can’t make it past this," or we can take it as growth.

What would you suggest for those who have read your book & would like to learn more about Kabbalah?
Go and look at the website Kabbalah.com. The Power of Kabbalah, that’s very simple to read. The Centres have teachings, writings, guidance and seminars. We have a Worldwide virtual classroom too, you just dial into a class, also a one on one service where you can work with a personal tutor over the phone, so if you don't live near enough to access a Centre you can still learn.

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