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Welcome to the BellaOnline Biology website! My name is Catherine Ebey, and I am your BellaOnline Biology Editor. Here, you can sign up for the free Biology newsletter. Just look to the right-hand column on this page. There will be a spot that reads “free newsletter.” If you enter your email address, you can sign up for the free weekly Biology newsletter. This newsletter will be sent out once a week on Sunday afternoon.

This newsletter will detail Biology site updates. On the Biology site, I will writer weekly articles on a variety of topics. Of course, if you have any feedback or would like to see an article about a specific topic, please post on the Bella Online Biology forum page. A link to the forum is at the bottom of this webpage. I would love to receive any ideas on biological content that you may have.

In addition to your chosen topics, I will write weekly articles on a variety of biological sciences. These topics will include articles on the living cell, the various and wonderful animal behaviors, green plants and how they work, microbial organisms and how they interact with the world, and the environment as a whole. Please see below for a more detailed topical overview.

Anatomy, Physiology, and Embryology
Human and animal anatomy, or the structure of living organisms, and how anatomical structure relates to physiological function will be discussed. In addition to the anatomy and physiology present in the adult organism, how the organism develops these structures and functions from the embryo will also be remarked upon.

Animal Behavior
Articles will touch on how an organism interacts with its environment and responds to stimuli. These articles will relate to how animals interact within their own species, with other species, and with their environment as a whole.

Biologist Biographies
There are many biologists of note, and these biologists have made discoveries that are still in use today. Louis Pasteur, Rachel Carson, James Watson, and Francis Crick are just a few of these extraordinary people that have shaped the scientific world. I will try to write about as many of these historical figures as possible, because through exploring the history of science, modern techniques may be better understood.

Biology 101
In this section, I will post biological concepts every beginner biologist should know. From the scientific method to the basics of the microscope, I will try to provide tools that the neophyte biologist may use.

Biomedical concepts are at the forefront of biological science. We see them everywhere—in your annual flu shot, pregnancy tests, prescription medications, to alternative medicine. Biology, the science of life, is at the core of it all. I will try to write at least one article per month dealing with biomedical concepts.

The study of plants is fundamental to understanding our planet, for without plants we would not even have the oxygen we use to breath. Land plants, algae, and cyanobacteria will all be discussed here. Plant use of photosynthetic mechanisms will be described in detail.

Cell Biology, Microbiology, and Genetics
The cell, microbial organisms, and the genetics hidden with the cell’s nucleic acids will be touched on. Whether viruses are living or dead, the prevalence of prions, the deadly pseudomonas responsible for secondary pneumonia infections, and the structure of the cell itself will all be discussed in my weekly articles.

Ecology, Evolutionary Biology, and Conservation
An organism evolves within its environment as it shifts and moves across its ever changing environment. Sometimes this environment is in danger, and conservatory measures will be discussed. Biomes, ecosystems, and individuals and their interrelations will be analyzed and discussed.

Individual animals may be studied by themselves. New species are discovered all the time, and I will exhibit these new animals and their known behaviors within the zoology section.

Any topic that a reader requests will also be written about on this biology site. Please do not hesitate to email me with suggestions or post your suggestions in the biology forum.

Also, rest assured that your privacy will not be violated by signing up for this newsletter. Neither I, nor BellaOnline, would ever send you spam or give your email address to others. In fact, unless you tell me yourself, I will not even know your name. BellaOnline prides itself on protecting the privacy of its readers, and I am also responsible for upholding this privacy pledge. Happy Reading!

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