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Poetry Styles

Poetry is a fun and creative style of writing for all homeschoolers. These are some of the types of poetry:

1.Limerick- Lines 1,2 & 5 rhyme and lines 3&4 rhyme.
2.Free Verse- Lacks Rhyme and Less Predictable Rhythm.
3.Haiku- This is a Japanese form of poetry, with 17 syllables in 3 lines. The pattern is 5/7/5. Many Haiku poems are based on nature traditionally.
4.Cinquain- First Line: 2 syllables One word, giving title
Second Line: 4 syllables Two words, describing title
Third Line: 6 syllables Three words, expressing action
Fourth Line: 8 syllables Four words, expressing a feeling
Fifth Line: 2 syllables Another word for the title
5.Couplet- is a pair of lines of poetry, usually rhymed.
6.Acrostic- is a form of short verse, constructed so the initial letters of each line taken consecutively form words.
7.Concrete- Concrete poetry looks like the thing itself.
8.Biopoem- about oneself in order below-
Line 1  Your first name
Line 2  Four traits that describe you
Line 3  Sibling of (or son/daughter of)
Line 4  Lover of... (3 items)
Line 5  Who feels... (3 items)
Line 6 Who needs... (3 items)
Line 7  Who gives... (3 items)
Line 8  Who fears... (3 items)
Line 9  Who would like to see... (3 items)
Line 10 Resident of (your city); (your road name)
Line 11 Your last name only

Here are a few different poetry ideas for more writing fun:
1.Nursery Rhyme Mix Ups
Nursery Rhymes are lyrical poetry. Take a favorite rhyme and rewrite it in a new way. Be creative and silly too!
2.Create a poetry book of your own, trying one of each style of the 10 poems listed above.
3.Redo a recipe, making it poetic. Use rhyming, acrostic, couplet style, or any others.
4.Construct a “poetry kit”- each family member creates a “kit” with objects, magazine clipping, etc. Then everyone exchanges kits and writes a poem with what is inside.
5.Go online and visit "Poetry4Kids" to explore a plethora of resources and poetry. Consult a rhyming dictionary, listen to and read poems of all types.

There are many games to teach poetry with and have a blast while doing it! Check out several games you can try at home:
1.Play with magnetic poetry! Gather round the fridge and use magnets to have instant creativity and fun. Take turns creating a family poem, or individualize your work. This is perfect for homeschoolers that have trouble writing too.
2.Exercise with a game of "Rhyme Tag". Similar to "Freeze Tag" you must rhyme the word called out if tagged, or you are it!
3.Enjoy fingerplays and song poetry with your Pre-K homeschooler. Add instruments and dancing for even more excitement.
4.Try your hand at oragami by folding poetry pictures! There is a super book about this, too, called "Fold Me A Poem".
5.Play "Mother Goose Pictionary" as a family or with a homeschool group of friends. Using an erasable whiteboard or large paper draw clues about famous nursery rhymes. As the first poetic prose we heard as children, it will be interesting to see what everyone can recall. Create a pile of index cards with the names of common nursery rhymes, like "Little Jack Horner" for useful and entertaining fun.

Learning poetry can be a wonderful experience for your homeschooler.
They may even feel smarter and cooler!



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