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What Does Life Mean To You

When recently in a situation where I felt out of control and at the effect of circumstances I started to feel sorry for myself and forgot that this is happening for me and not too me. Life always seems to bring exactly what we need, usually without us even realising that everything is as it should be according to our thoughts.

Life is somewhat of an enigma, and I’m not sure that we can ever really know what it is about or what it means. I recently listened to Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len, a teacher of Ho’oponopono a spiritual practice for reaching divinity. Hi teaching highlighted that everything we see is only there because of a problem within ourselves, and nothing to do with the person in front of us.

He talks about how any situation we find ourselves in, is nothing to do with the people involved, it is only to do with us. Life to him is a reflection of our consciousness and when we see anything that is not harmonious we must clear it within ourselves. Not by trying to fix the other person, but by taking responsibility for it.

This goes completely against how we generally view life, where everything happens to us and we are surrounded by people who create problems for us. Ho’oponopono is a practice that makes us take responsibility for everything in our life.

This is a different way from how most of us see life, usually we will blame the situation on the other people involved. When I view life as being a reflection of my consciousness it seems to be individual to me and always and only a reflection of my beliefs and thoughts.

Ho’oponopono uses a clearing mantra to help us heal the outside circumstances. It advocates that going within to heal our-self will change the outer circumstances. The mantra involves saying silently I’m sorry, I love you, and please forgive me.

We are saying sorry to the other person for seeing them as less than perfect, for judging and blaming them for our circumstances, and not taking responsibility for our-self. We say I love you please forgive me to rectify the mis-understanding, and thank you for the gratitude and peace that the realisation brings.

When I practiced this, my life took on a whole new dimension. Whenever I saw something projected out in front of me that I wanted to help someone else with or change in someway, I had to own it in myself and say the mantra over and over. It is interesting how things shift when you own them as opposed to seeing them as someone else’s problem.

I had a similar insight when I realised that when we see others as anything but perfect we are seeing them through our eyes of judgement, however our judgment holds the possibility for their situation in place because we are believing it is possible for perfection to be imperfect.

Simple mind shifts and different perspectives can really open our minds to new possibilities if we are so inclined. Similarly, we can become stuck when we stay within limitations and do not try to see a bigger picture. Which just re-affirms that it is only what is in our consciousness that we can be aware of, and experience.

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