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Andromeda and the Sea Monster

This tale of Greek mythology may be one of great familiarity to you as it was made very famous in the marvelous film called 'Clash of the Titans' from 1981. The story begins in Joppa, a city near the shores of the great Mediterranean Sea. There we meet the very beautiful daughter of Queen Cassiopeia, named Andromeda. King Cepheus was ruler of Joppa, and together with his wife, the queen, they believed Andromeda was the most beautiful woman to live in the lands.

Queen Cassiopeia was so proud of her daughter's loveliness that she believed her beauty was more immense than that of the Neireids, daughters of Poseidon. This infuriated the Neireids extremely and when Poseidon heard of this ordeal, he also became furious. He felt that this was a sign of disrespect from the people of Joppa, and decided that they should be punished for it.

It was the very next day when the fisherman of Joppa went to sea that they learned of the frightening sea monster. The monster was of a horrible nature, with thick scales and long, sharp teeth. The fishermen were not able to return to the waters and this caused a ripple effect across the city. With no incoming fish, ruined farm lands, and loss of sheep, the people began to starve.

The king was distressed to see his people with so much grief. He requested the wise men of Joppa to use their magical abilities to see what could be done to return the monster back to sea. After some time, the wise men returned to the king with the news. They learned that Poseidon had sent the sea monster and could only be driven away if his daughter, Andromeda, was sent as a sacrifice!

Although the king and the people of Joppa regretted this thought with much fear, Andromeda did not wish for her people to be harmed, so she agreed to give herself up to the sea monster. She waited while chained to rocks for the monster to return. The king and queen stood nearby crying with great sadness. Andromeda was frightened, but just as she began to lose all hope, she exclaimed with surprise to see a beautiful man fly swiftly through the air and meet her. It was Perseus, the son of Zeus, and he flew by means of a pair of magic winged sandals. He saw Andromeda and asked why she had been chained to the rocks. She explained what had happened and Perseus wanted to quickly rescue her. But, Andromeda told him that her sacrifice was the only way to save her people from the feared sea monster.

Perseus would not hear of this and he turned to Andromeda's parents to explain his heroic feat against the creature, Medusa, who could turn any man to stone. He would save Andromeda from the sea monster if they agreed to let him marry her. The king and queen did agree and so did Andromeda, for she believed that he did love her if he was to risk his very life for her.

Just as expected, the gigantic sea monster flew up from the water and loudly hissed. Perseus was ready with his sword and with the help of his winged sandals, he flew directly towards the creature's head. He slashed the monster many times which left it with numerous wounds. The sea monster became very weakened and was not able to deliver much damage in return. With one swift motion, Perseus used his sword to slash the sea monster's head right off. The people of Joppa were saved and Perseus and the beautiful Andromeda were then able to start their life of happiness together.

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