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Horror Movie Quiz

Horror movies come in many forms. There are thriller, slashers, monster movies, and others. But the basic point is to scare you. Those who don’t like horror, have a hard time understanding those who do.

Why, after all, would you want to be scared? How is that fun? The answer to this question is what makes each horror fan unique because there are as many reasons as styles of horror movies – perhaps even more.

Answer the following questions to find out what your love of horror tells you about you:

1.When choosing a horror movie to watch, you tend:
a.Choose the one that looks the scariest
b.Make sure that whatever movie you are watching, it is with friends
c.Choose one with an actor that you know
d.Choose a movie that is new and different

2.You like horror movies that are:
c.Part of a series
d.Blood and guts

3.If horror movies are also funny, you think:
a.They’re stupid. Horror movies are supposed to be scary
b.That’s okay. Laughter breaks it up.
c.As long as it makes sense or is an in-joke, it’s okay
d.As long as it is quirky or subtle humor it is okay.

4.The main reason you watch horror movies is:
a.The adrenaline rush
b.It is same type of movie that your friends watch
c.Many have running themes and plots that run through many of them
d.To escape from reality

5.A secondary reason you watch horror movies may be
a.The blood and guts
b.You like to snuggle with your bf/gf during the scary parts
c.To point out the bloopers or things that don’t make sense
d.The special effects

6.You would most likely (or have watched) watch a movie with this title:
a.“Night of the Living Dead”
b."Nightmare on Elm Street”
c.“The Roommate”
d.“The Fly”

7.Your favorite horror movie
a.Still scares the pants off your
b.Is your best friend’s favorite horror movie, too
c.Has your favorite horror actor or actress in it, of course
d.Is one you have seen a hundred times

8.You figure out what horror movie you are going to watch mainly by
a.The picture on the poster or cover
b.What your friends recommend
c.The description on the back plus some online searches for reviews
d.The description on the back of the movie or movie trailers

9.This would make a horror movie really bad
a.Too much talking and slow parts
b.Too too scary
c.Too weird
d.Stupid visuals

Mostly A’s: You like are an adventurous thrill seeker. You look for the movies that are the scariest for the rushing high you get from “surviving” them.

Mostly B’s: Connecting with others is very important to you. You love the experience of sharing something with you friends that brings you closer together.

Mostly C’s: You are a loyal, detail oriented person. Horror movies are like friends – you know the stories and characters by heart.

Mostly D’s: You are imaginative and have a unique sense of style. You pay attention to how the horror movies look and look forward to things that are new and different in horror movies.

A mixure: You just really love horror movies!

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