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Motorbike Sidecar Dream Interpretation

"In my dream, I sat in the sidecar of an old motorbike. As the driver zipped along a rocky roadway, going around tight curves, there were bad guys popping out from behind rocks and trees. I took aim with a shotgun and shot them one by one. What does this mean?"

All modes of transportation in dreams reflect how we're moving along in our waking lives. The type, color and condition of these vehicles point to our feelings about our current capacity to make progress. And just where are we? On land, sea or air? Where are we headed? What are the weather conditions? Every detail reveals a part of our waking life story.

In this dream, the rocky roads and rickety motorbike indicates some precariousness of the dreamer's waking life situation. Let's take a closer look at the dream symbols:

The Dream Symbols
Old motorbike driven by someone else. The fact that this motorbike was not being driven by the dreamer himself represents another person in his life who is guiding or directing an area of the dreamer's waking life. The "old" or rickety condition of the bike and the fact that it is a motorbike and not a motorcycle indicates that this person is older than the dreamer, someone who the dreamer feels is aged and less than virile.
Sidecar. A sidecar represents a support position in the journey. A companion. The dreamer is sitting in the sidecar so he views himself as playing a support or companion position in the journey.
Rocky roads, tight curves. Difficult or precarious journey that requires diligence and skillful maneuvering. The fact that this "old" driver was navigating the road well says that despite his "age" he was doing his job well.
Bad guys popping out from behind rocks and trees. Hidden threats that make themselves known unexpectedly.
Shotgun. A shotgun differs from other types of gun in that pellets and not a single bullet spray out towards the target. This indicates that the dreamer's efforts to fend off danger will have a "shotgun" approach with his energies being sprayed out instead of being more focused. This means he'll have to spread out his efforts to take care of a threat. It won't be an easy, clean hit.
Success in killing his targets. The dreamer will be successful in fending off the bad guys or his waking life threats in their journey.

The Interpretation
This dreamer and an older male in his waking life are going through some tough times together. While he may believe that his companion is aging or aged, the man is still managing to guide them both well on their treacherous journey. The dreamer feels that it is his job to take care of those bad guys and other threats that attempt to thwart them. It takes great effort for him to take out those threats but he does it, one by one, so he and his companion can continue on.

Dream Therapy
When he heard my interpretation, this dreamer told me that it makes perfect sense because he and his father work together running a business. He often thinks that his father is getting too old to keep up with the changing needs of the company but then recognizes the value his experience and wisdom still brings. Their company is experiencing growing pains, and often this dreamer feels physically and mentally exhausted from having to take care of the daily emergencies that pop up. There are times when he wonders if he should go out on his own but his desire to help his father keeps him in that sidecar, fending off the bad guys.

I encourage this dreamer to use dream visualization to empower himself in both his dream and waking life. Imagine a stronger, newer vehicle (an armored car?) traveling along a smooth highway. No bad guys. No stress. Frequent stops to pick up bags of money and then making a large deposit at the bank. He and his father take turns driving with trusted employees helping out. Falling asleep with this pleasant daydream puts the mind at ease, and the subconscious mind will being to form thoughts of how to manifest this visual in his waking life.

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