Golden Bee Playing Piano Dream Interpretation

Golden Bee Playing Piano Dream Interpretation
“I dreamed of a golden bee that was playing a piano with its spike (stinger) and made [melodious] music.” (R.)

Well known for their single-minded roles and cooperative behavior, bees epitomize industry and teamwork. They are bred for performing a single task and they live only to carry it out. These amazing little creatures play an invaluable role in the distribution of pollen to aid in the bearing of fruit and vegetables around the world. But, unlike other insects or animals with similar traits, bees have two unique identifying characteristics: They transform nectar into honey, and they defend their hive, honey and queen with a sacrificial sting. They can sting only once in their lifetime and stinging brings about their own demise.

Dreaming of a bee typically represents abundance, productive work or a job on the horizon and becoming a team-player but, as with all dreams, it is essential to consider the other images that change the overall meaning of a single symbol as in the case of this dream. Let’s look at the dream symbols:

The Dream Symbols
Bee. Represents a person who is hard at work or possibly a work situation.
Golden. Something golden is considered positive, special. It could be something related to riches and wealth or spiritual goodness.
Spike/stringer. Pain, hurtful. Nothing fatal as this is a stinger of a single bee.
Piano. The state of the piano, what type and how it is being played needs to be considered. In this dream, there are no details other than the piano elicits pleasing music which generally indicates efforts being made to create harmony.
Melodious music. Harmony.

The Dream Interpretation
When the dreamer first presented this dream, I immediately intuitively envisioned this golden bee as not the dreamer himself but someone special in his life who has the reputation and respected status of working hard for his success. Because the bee is playing the piano with its spike (or stinger) rather than its other appendages (legs),
this means that sometimes the methods this person uses to try to create peace and harmony might seem "pointed" "sharp" or a bit "painful.”

Dream Therapy
Sometimes, when people try to help us, their methods can sting a little. Truth hurts. And people lack communication skills and tact. I encouraged this dreamer to look for this golden bee in his life (he will most surely recognize him or her by the sting!) and try to look beyond the ouch. In the end, the result will be sweet harmony.

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