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The Hebrew Names of God

Adonai(Hebrew) Generally translated as "Lord", considered, for some reason, less offensive than "Elohim".

AGLA Hebrew anacronymic phrase meaning, "Ateh Gibor le-Olam Adonai", ie. "Thou art mighty forever,O Lord". Used in Qabalistic texts.

Allah (Arabic) Untranslated, or simply replaced by "the Lord" or "God". Islamic tradition refers to 100, 99 known names of God, the last being ineffable and unknowable. The 99 Names are descriptions, like ar-Rashid, the Merciful.

Ehieh (Hebrew) "I am"

Ehieh Asher Ehieh (Hebrew) "I am that I am"

El(Hebrew) "God"

Eloah (Hebrew) "God"

Elohim (Hebrew) Used today as a euphemism for YHVH, generally translated as "Lord" but difficult to translate. It is the third word that appears in Hebrew scripture. El means God, Eloh is God in feminine aspect, im indicates plurality in the masculine sense. This is generally considered to refer to a royal "We". It may well be a name that has held on since the days when the Jewish people were polytheistic.

Elohim Tzaboath(Hebrew) "Lord of Hosts"

El Shaddai (Hebrew) "God Almighty", "Lord of the Mountain/Heights"

Shaddai (Hebrew) "Almighty"

Shaddai El Chai(Hebrew) "Almighty Living God"

ha-Shem(Hebrew) "the Name", refers euphemistically to YHVH.

YHVH (Hebrew) The four consonants (yod, heh, vau, heh) that comprise the ineffable and hidden Name of God. So holy it was not spoken aloud by anyone but the High Priest of the Temple and then only when alone in the inner sanctum, the holiest of holies. The vowel values were never revealed, and were eventually lost.

Modern common usage has applied versions of the vowels of Adonai, to construct "Jehovah", which is undoubtedly not correct. In pronunciation, the form Yahweh is generally used. In early Hebrew thought, language had supernatural power. A word written or carved, or speaking a set of syllables aloud was a magical and sacred act that invoked the entity itself, its power and its idea. So to write or speak it fully was inappropriate unless it was done at a holy time and place. And so the four consonants form the Tetragrammaton, used in mysticism and magic throughout the ages.

YHVH Eloah (Hebrew) "Lord God"

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