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Brownie ala Mode Candle

I’m just not ready to let go of summer yet! So before we move on to making projects suitable for the fall and winter, let’s do a fun summer treat! This candle will remind us of the days of summer any time of the year.

This project will explain the whipping technique used in a number of different candle making projects. The look of ice cream, however, is what we’re going for here.

Please read through all instructions before starting your project.

This project will make four brownies with about a cup of “fudge sauce” and four ice cream scoops:

Supplies for brownies:

• 2 lb. paraffin wax
• tsp. vybar
• 1-2 oz. Chocolate or fudge type fragrance
• Brown dye
• Black dye (if your brown doesn’t get dark enough)

Supplies for Ice Cream Scoops:

• 1 ½ -2 lb. paraffin wax (depends on scoop size)
• 1 tsp. vybar
• 1 oz. Vanilla or sugar cookie type fragrance
• White dye

Tools and Other Supplies:

• Four 6” Wicks (no need to use too large of a wick because you probably don’t want to melt all the way to the edges with this candle. Something suitable for a 2-3” diameter candle should be good)
• Small plate, saucer or desert bowl (find at thrift stores or garage sales)
• Double boiler or wax melting system of your choice
• Large Coffee can for whipping the white wax (make sure your double boiler set up is big enough for this.
• Regular pouring pot or can for the brown wax
• 6”X6” tray or pan (or larger depending on how many brownies you want to make)
• Mold release or cooking spray
• Knife (I like to use a plastic lettuce or bagel knife so I don’t cut my pans)
• Skewer or long nail (to create hole for the wick)
• Ice Cream Scoop
• Ladle (for pouring chocolate sauce)
• Waxed paper

You will first need to make a pan of “brownies” - similar to making chunks or “ice cubes” which I detail in my Happy Hour Candle project article. The only differences will be the color, fragrance and cut size.

Brownie Instructions:

Melt the ingredients for the brownies and chocolate sauce above. If you find your brown color is not getting as dark as you’d like, try adding a pinch of black dye to get a deep rich brown. Test your color by dripping a small amount on a paper plate or freezer paper. Pour this dark brown wax into a baking pan that you have sprayed with a thin layer of mold release or cooking spray, to the depth of a good-sized brownie. I think at least a half-inch thickness is nice. The pan size I recommend above makes four nice sized brownies. Depending on how many you want to make, you will want to adjust the amounts suggested above to suit your needs. Save enough (about 1 cup) of this brown fudgy wax to use as the “chocolate sauce” to pour over the ice cream scoops at the end.

Cut this wax while slightly warm with a sturdy knife to the size of a brownie that will fit on your plate or bowl without hanging over. Place on wax paper. Before your “brownies” get too hard, use a skewer or long nail to poke a hole all the way through the very center of the brownie. This is where you will put your wick when the time comes. Let cool completely.

Note: if you don’t like “corner” brownies, you could cut the edges off and save for chunks or re-melt.

Next we need to make your ice cream scoops.

Ice Cream Scoop Instructions:

Melt the ingredients for the Ice Cream Scoops as indicated above, in a large coffee can or pot that gives you enough room to whisk. Always use a double boiler system. After everything is well incorporated, remove your wax from your double boiler and let it begin to cool. When you see a film starting to form you can begin to gently whisk. As the wax cools further, and you continue to whisk, you will see the wax is becoming more and more frothy. Slow down your whisking and watch carefully or it will become too hard. As soon as it looks fluffy and feels like you can pick up a scoop that will hold its shape, do so. You may want to spray your scoop with a little mold release, but I’ve never had a problem with the wax sticking too bad. Just wipe clean before your next scoop. Take a big, slightly over flowing scoop of your whipped wax and drop it onto your waxed paper while slightly pressing it to help it hold together firmly. Repeat four times. If they aren’t perfect, and they haven’t hardened too much, you can do some touch up shaping with your hands. Make sure nothing is too warm of course. While your scoops are still somewhat soft, poke a skewer or long nail through the very center and all the way through. Let these cool.

You may want to start warming your remaining brown wax now. You won’t have to get this very hot because you will want it pretty cool before pouring over your Brownie ala Mode.

Assemble your Brownie and Ice Cream:

Insert your long wick through the bottom of your brownie. If desired, drip a small amount of wax in the center of your plate and place the wicked brownie on your plate. Gently place your scoop of ice cream on top of the brownie by threading that same wick through the scoop.

So now you have a brownie with a scoop of ice cream on top. What’s missing? The chocolate sauce of course! If you haven’t already, re-melt your brown wax and let it cool until it is thick. You can lightly whisk or stir this if you want it to start thickening up but don’t do it too much or you could get bubbles. You will want to use a ladle to slowly pour a light layer of sauce over the center of your scoop. Try to get your pours to fall evenly on most of the sides. Dripping over the ice cream and the brownie with little puddles on the plate is desirable. If your chocolate sauce looks too thin, let it cool a little more and continue to do thin pours until it accumulates a little thicker. Once you are satisfied with the look of your chocolate sauce, you’re done! Trim your wick to about ¼ inch.

Keep this and all candles away from children and pets!

If you’re selling or giving these away, place a pillar candle warning label on the bottom of the plate. You could wrap your Brownie ala Mode by putting the plate in the middle of a large square piece of cellophane and pull the corners upward. Finish off by tying a ribbon around the cellophane tops to close.

These candles look and smell awesome. I used one of these for a centerpiece at a wine and chocolate tasting party and it fit in quite nicely. Turns out, they make a great gift for Brownie Leaders too.

This whipping technique will come in useful for some of our upcoming projects including sparkly white snowball candles.

Enjoy - and remember this is a candle!

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