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Halloween Party Games

Need some ghoulishly fun ideas for your Halloween party? Want some scary, gross or just plain fun games for your party guests to play? Then look no further. Try these ideas for some unforgettable hair-raising fun!

Who am I?
what you’ll need:
Guest list

Cut enough pieces of paper for each guest on your list. Write down a Halloween or otherwise scary character on each one. As each of your guests arrive tape the paper to their backs. Have the guests walk around and ask the others about their character. The trick is they can only answer yes or no to the questions. The object is for each guest to figure out who they are. This game would also be a great icebreaker.

This is easily adaptable for kids. Just write the name of favorite children’s characters on the papers and sit back and watch the fun.

Eyeball Hunt Game
What you’ll need:
Ping pong balls or plastic eyeballs
Black Magic Marker
1 large pot
1 package spaghetti noodles

Put cooked spaghetti noodles in a large pot and bury the “eyeballs” in the noodles. The person who finds the most eyeballs in a predetermined period of time wins. To change it up you could write points on each eyeball and whoever has the most points at the end wins.

For a kids version each child has 30 seconds to a minute to dig into the pot. The sum of their eyeballs equals a certain prize.

Shot in the Dark:

What you’ll need:
Scary movies

You can either watch the movie(s) together and play or play the movie in the background. Next decide on some rules ex: when someone gets shot, everyone takes a shot or when a character screams everyone drinks. Or when a character says a certain thing everyone laughs or if someone gets shot they all scream. It’s a good idea to have watched the movie before so you have an idea how many times everyone is going to have to take a shot, scream etc…

To adapt it for kids, pick a kids Halloween movie and devise appropriate rules. This one is done best with everyone watching the movie together. Good rules for this version would be if someone screams you eat some candy corn or if a character says a certain thing you hop on one foot.

Head Waiter

What you’ll need:
2 blown-up balloons
2 paper plates
Shredded newspaper (for hair), if desired
Tape (if using hair)

First blow up your balloons and draw your ghoulish faces on them, preferably before your guests arrive so the ink will be dry for the game and they won’t have to wait. You can also decorate them with shredded paper and tape it to the balloons to make hair.

Divide your guests into two teams of waiters and waitresses. You can also make it waiters against waitresses. Each team gets a “severed head.” Before each player begins, each team yells out, “Waiter, there’s a head in my soup!”

The guests must race to the finish line with their balloon heads perched on a paper plate, trying to keep it on the plate. They have to hold it like a waiter would. They can’t touch it with their free hand, unless it hits the ground.
If the balloon falls to the floor, the player must pick it up, put it back on the plate and get to the finish line walking backwards. When the balloon is handed off to the next person on their team, they must do it without using hands (but paper plates are good tools).

To adapt this for kids just change the rules to adapt to the age range. Ex: they can only use their hands if the balloon falls to the floor to put it back on their plates. And instead of walking backward they have to bark like a dog, etc…

So whether you’re hosting a kid’s party, an adult’s only party or a mix these games are great ideas for your next get together. They’re easily adaptable for any age level. Try one or more of the games for some howling good Halloween fun.

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