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The Power Of Color

In the world of creativity color plays a major part. Many creative projects must undergo, at some point, a decision regarding color scheme. This is true whether you are knitting a sweater, decorating a bedroom or organizing an office. It is believed that each color has specific inherent strengths and benefits. Learning more about color is the first step towards and using it to maximum effectiveness.

Color is a form of light. Every color in the rainbow has individual attributes that can be used for life enhancement and healing. Colors have long been known to affect mood and well-being. Color therapy or “chromotherapy” is a complementary therapy that uses color to balance out the physical, emotional and/or mental self. A color therapist determines which colors are best used (through visualization and exposure to the color) according to the patient’s chief complaint.

There have been numerous studies regarding color’s effects and the findings have been interesting. Researchers at the University of British Columbia found that the color red is good for attention to detail whereas blue is best at enhancing creativity. A study from the University of Munich in Germany reports that green, the color of growth in nature, is a trigger to the brain. Green inspires people to inventiveness and problem-solving. Blue light has been found to have pain-relieving and calming properties.

Here is a brief list of colors and their main attributes:

Red-Known to inspire appetite and focus, it is the color of power and importance which explains why it is used at traffic lights and stop signs. Red demands attention.

Orange-The color of enthusiasm and joy, orange brings the sensation of heat and sunshine. Orange also represents creativity.

Yellow-Cheerful and happy yellow is good for bringing attention to something. This is why the traditional highlighter was yellow. It is also considered to be an optimistic color. Just think of yellow happy faces!

Green-This is the color of nature and growth. Green is used for innovation, ideas and creativity.

Blue-Blue, the color of the sky and ocean is considered to be the color of stability, loyalty and calm.

Purple- This color represents royalty, mysticism and spirituality. The combination of blue and red makes for an interesting dynamic of power and calm.

Brown-This is the color of earth and as so has a calming and grounding effect to it. Use brown to create a comfortable environment.

Black-Solemn and deep, black is usually reserved for serious matters.

White-This is actually not considered to be a color. It is the combination of all colors combined. White is known to be a pure color (think about the traditional white wedding dress) and is used to represent innocence.

While researching this article I found that blues and greens are the top colors used for creativity. How you use these colors is up to you. If your creativity is best expressed through the computer as is the case for some writers and graphic designers, you can change the color of your desktop to green or blue. If you are a painter, try painting using just green or blue shades. It is interesting to see the beauty of these colors develop. Some people choose to visualize a color prior to their creative work. Don’t forget color combinations such as turquoise or teal. These two colors combine blue and green for maximum effectiveness.

A quick Google search will return multiple meanings for each color. It is interesting to read about the psychology of each color and ways in which it can benefit your life. The best way to know which colors work best for you is by experimenting. There are as many positive implications as there are colors!

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