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Tapping In Through The Tarot

For centuries the use of Tarot has found it's way into the pages of history time-after-time in various and unusual ways. If you study some of the older paganistic cultures you will find a great deal of information pointing to the use of Tarot cards for foretelling the future, as well as, a tool for ritualistic purposes during ceremony. So what exactly does all this mean you may be asking.

Well for starters, we know that virtually anything can be utilized as a tool that we can embue power into through focused thought and energy. The Tarot's influential cards provided the perfect component to assist the witch or medicine person the right blend of elements and influences to aide them in conjuring up spells or even better yet to tap into hidden universal knowledge and mysteries of old. Here's one of the methods I found along the way:

To tap into the subconscious mind for knowledge, find the following Tarot cards: The Moon (impenetrable depths of the subconscious mind, realm of imagination, magick, illusions, inspiration, intuition and dreams), The High Priestess (desire to access hidden knowledge and to be able to unlock any mystery), The Hermit (light will illuminate secrets wanting unlocked, light penetrates all illusions and self-deceptions).

Place these 3 cards in row in front of you with a candle centered above. Meditate on these 3 cards then light the candle and stare at the candle's flame while saying: "The image of this flame is the key to my unconscious mind. Whenever I call upon this image, hidden knowledge will be brought to light."

Now close your eyes and try to keep the image of the flame in your mind as long as possible then say, "I look deep within me. I draw wisdom from the depths of my unconscious mind. All knowledge is here for me. All channels of guidance are open for me. Everything I want to know is revealed to me. Everything is made clear to me. As I will, so it is and so shall it be!"

When posing questions, set down and call upon the embedded flame of your mind. Speak your question(s) aloud, relax and meditate for the answer. If feeling impelled to do something else then do so, follow your own inner guidance and make sure to record your dreams after using this technique as the answers will come in some form; most often through our dreams or sudden bursts of insight.

I have more of these types of techniques if you'd like to see different ways to utilize your Tarot cards to enhance your intuition, understanding and help you tap into your own hidden potential then drop me a line and let me know! Your feedback helps me know what type of information you're looking for so always feel free to drop me a line or ask questions!

To Your Divinatory Success!

Leslie Fulger
Tarot Site Editor

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