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The High Priestess Meditation

The Priestess is the card that deals with the center of our being, from the depths of our subconscious to our latent regions of creativity that are within every being. In the Tarot, the Priestess is often depicted seated between two pillars, holding a book of wisdom in her lap. The pillars are black and white, representing polarities and also enlightenment and the subconscious. The Moon at her feet speaks of the realm of emotion, intuition, and empathy.

So, what does all this symbolize? First of all the book in her lap represents all knowledge, the “universal mind” that we are able to tap into when, through practice, we align ourselves harmoniously with our higher self and our intuition. Various forms of meditation can be practiced to help us reach this state – a sort of “middle ground” or eye of the storm, where we are removed from the chaos of the outer world and led to our inner sanctuary.

The water and moon at her feet speak of the ability to rise above emotions, to detach just enough to see clearly without losing our sense of empathy or connection with others. In this calm, centeredness (between the two pillars) we are able to sit firmly in the silence, which is where we can tap into the universal mind and our own higher wisdom and creativity. This ability to access this higher consciousness and creative thought is instrumental to living an abundant life and reaching our fullest potential.

Have you ever been hit with a sudden inspiration? Or a solution to a problem just pops into your mind while you are doing something completely unrelated to the challenge you are facing? Chances are, if you reflect on the moment those answers came to you, you were doing something that was kind of meditative or mundane. That act was taking your conscious focus and removing it from worrying and pondering. These are the types of moments the Priestess card is all about.

When you choose a Priestess card, or when she seems to keep popping up repeatedly, this is telling you it's time to work to access your answers via your subconscious and the univeral mind (or akashic records). This is a higher, collective consiousness we can all train ourselves to tap into. Perhaps solutions are not coming to you and delving into the depths of your own soul and collective consciousness can help you come up with divinely inspired ideas.

When you meditate with the guidance of this card, picture yourself within a deep inner sanctuary. Envision yourself sitting calmly and serenely as this queen does – detached and at peace, merely observing. Don't try to struggle for an answer, simply put your query out there and then take time to meditate and access the still center of your being. Priestess reminds us that chased answers are elusive ones. Struggle points to fear and fear repels the very wisdom you seek to access.

As you learn to let go, you may find your answer comes right away, or you may find that after a day or two passes, you are suddenly hit with an inspiration or idea. Know your intuition well enough so that when these inspirations and ideas do pop up you know to pay attention and write them down. Higher guidance comes as a whisper - not a shout.

by Christin Sander

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