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2012 Review

2012 is a riveting, thrill-packed, adventure of a movie that tops Ronald Emmerich’s previous disaster movies, like Independence. One disaster after another envelops the story of Jackson Curtis's attempt to save his ex-wife, their two children and her new love from certain death.

This disaster movie touches on a theme that has peaked the interest and fears of people around the world: that is whether the end of the Mayan long count calendar on December 21, 2012 indicates the end of the world as we know it. Further, if it's the end of the world "as we know it," does that mean a material, physical end; a metaphysical end; a spiritual end; or a revelatory end with new beginning. There are those who believe "the end of the world as we know it" refers to a spiritual awakening. Indeed, Dr. Eric Pearl contends in The Reconnection that the end of the spiritual limitations we presently know has already started and the beginning of a new spiritual reality has occurred.

Others believe the end as we know it means a physical end to the baryonic material universe. Predictions of doom that correlate with the upcoming winter solstice in 2012 vary from solar flare destruction to collisions with unknown planets to heating of the earth's core

It is a fact that solar physicists have found a correlation between solar activity cycles and events on Earth. Some of the Sun’s extremely inactive cycles have correlated with Earth's coldest periods. Conversely, some of its extremely active cycles have correlated with Earth's hottest periods. The solar maximum--the regularly recurring peak of solar activity when solar flares occur frequently and at latitudes that hover near the solar equator--of Cycle 24 has predictions for times spanning 2011 to 2013. [You can track solar activity at SpaceWeather.com and see sunspots as they emerge and holographic images of the farside of the Sun. When looking at the Sun, it rotates from left to right, crossing from East to West.]

With the other two current mysteries, there may be more credence to the physical destruction perspective than we like to think. These mysteries are CERN's Large Hadron Collider (LHC) and space aliens. (Shh. I did not talk about space aliens!)

Switzerland's international atomic particle smasher, CERN, is having trouble with the start-up of the LHC, which is built to recreate the particle soup theorized as being existent after the first cataclysmic chemical reaction that led to the bonding of particles that created baryonic matter—you, me, chairs, kitties. A theory holds that CERN is being metaphysically messed with because shock waves of a future catastrophe are refracting backward in time and skewing the events that caused the catastrophe--which would be CERN's creation of mini-black holes that gobble the universe and strangelet particles that hurtle the universe--and us--into another dimension that is unfriendly to baryonic matter.

While governments (with some exceptions) are still closed mouthed about the strange activities in the heavens--some of which have been witnessed by dozens and hundreds of people--private individuals with sterling credentials are talking about personal experiences with inexplicable aerial phenomena and extraterrestrial phenomena. Sterling credentials in this case means scientists; military personnel, officers and pilots; and government officials who got tired of keeping startling reports a secret.

2012 is just a movie that follows Jackson Curtis (John Cusack) and his family from the ravaging of Los Angeles, CA, by earthquakes to Yellowstone National park where the unstable caldera volcano blows and a wilderness guru (Woody Harrelson) expounds on government conspiracies to the Himalayas, which suddenly develop beachfront property, to the interior of a Noah's Ark airplane and...the end of the movie, which you'll have to see.

But 2012 speaks to fears about new events, like CERN's particle quest for the Higgs boson, and some events new to us but old to the planet. Impressions on the floor of the ocean and records in core samples prove that from time to time the magnetic poles of the earth switch--what was magnetic North becomes magnetic South while South becomes North (the Sun flips magnetically in conjunction with the solar maximum/minimum cycle as well).

Humanity is about to undergo the completion of such a shift and no one knows what will occur on the planet as part of the process. Some contend that the shift will heat Earth's core sending Earth's crust into a sort of slide over the hot molten iron of the core. Tsunamis and earthquakes would result. Dr. Eric Pearl contends that a new electromagnetic wavelength frequency is being released by the magnetic shift and is producing a never before encountered exchange of energetic information between photons of light and the new wave frequencies.

So even though 2012 is just a movie with groundbreaking (or should I say ground shaking) and innovative special and practical effects, it brings to the silver screen some questions and controversial issues that are on a lot of people's minds, as it seems we are uniquely poised to have our world destroyed in a number of ways as 2012 and the revelation of the mysteries of the Mayan calendar approach. I would recommend that you definitely add 2012 to your movies-to-see list, right along with Collapse, which shows us the end of our world through economic disaster.

2012, an Action Drama, is rated PG-13 and isn’t for young ones. It has great disasters along with believable acting, which grounds the unreality of destroying the entire world in the reality of the struggle of a few to escape and survive natural or man-made disasters.

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Robert Emmerich – Director, Writer, Producer; 2012 (2009)
Harold Kloser – Writer
John Cusack – Jackson Curtis
Amanda Peet – Kate Curtis
Chiwetel Ejiofor – Adrian Helmsley
Woody Harrelson – Charlie Frost
Danny Glover - President Thomas Wilson

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