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The Empress Tarot Interpretation

In Tarot, the Empress represents maternal energy, pregnancy, creativity, and simple abundance. She is often represented by a pregnant queen sitting on a throne. Other interpretations have her surrounded by cornucopias, nature, and other symbols of simple abundance. She is often depicted as looking very serene and at home in her environment, a sign of inner peace and comfort.

The Empress can be quite literal in her interpretation and will often come up around pregnancy and familial issues. Most often however, she represents creative energy and “giving birth” or bringing forth our creativity in some form. In life, we co-create our own destiny and the Empress can give a gentle reminder to pay attention to what we are creating, and to use our talents and allow them to grow. Nurturing our talents and skills allows them to grow and prosper.

The Empress can come up when we are needing to be more nurturing to others and perhaps even to ourselves. She is the matriarch and as such, represents all things maternal: sustenance, nurturing, acceptance, encouragement, and guidance. When the Empress shows up in your spread it may be telling you to look at ways you can nurture your strengths and talents more. Perhaps you are giving so much of your devotion and attention to others you are neglecting your own needs.

The Empress instills a lesson of self-focus – learning to give ourselves what we need so that we can better serve others. This is not the same as “selfishness” which is self-centered and ego-driven. Often we are taught that we must give to others selflessly. The challenge with this way of thinking is that we cannot give to others what we don't have within ourselves. In a state of self-fulfillment, we are better able to extend our kindness and generosity to others from a place of abundance. Empress reminds us to give to ourselves first.

Because she represents simple abundance, sometimes the Empress comes up to remind us to get back to basics. Focus more on the things in life that truly matter – family, loved ones, taking time to rest and recover from work and stress. She also speaks of the benefits of reconnecting with nature. Nothing is quite as grounding and simultaneously energizing as gardening for example. Take time to enjoy and give thanks for the simple things. Gratitude is an attitude and energy that helps manifest more blessings and opportunities.

If you see the Empress a lot in readings, it may be telling you to shift your focus more to what is truly important. Nurture yourself, your dreams and ideas. Be kind and generous with others. Most importantly love and make the most of the blessings that surround you in the present moment. Doing so will open more doors ultimately.

Upright Empress:

Highly Creative Period
Focus on Simplicity

Reversed Empress:

Poverty Mindset
Wasting Ones Resources
Possible Fertility or Health Issues
Neglect of Self and/or Others

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