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Japanese Food Glossary T - Z

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Tako. Octopus. Tako is so loved that it is Japanfs favorite pizza topping.
Takoyaki. Very popular street food in Japan, these are round fritters made with pieces of octopus.
Takuwan or Takuan. Sweet pickled white radish that typically is tinted yellow.
Tamago. Egg.
Tekka maki. Thin sushi rolls filled with raw tuna.
Tempura. Lightly battered and fried prawns. Other foods, including vegetables, are tempura-style fried.
Tendon. A rice bowl dish made with steamed white rice topped with shrimp tempura and sauce.
Tenkasu. Crunchy bits of fried dough that is used as a condiment for noodles, soup and okonomiyaki.
Tensuyu. Clear dipping sauce for tempura.
Teppan yaki. Dishes that are cooked on a hot flat iron griddle. Teppan yaki foods are cooked on this griddle, often at the table, and guests enjoy watching the preparation.
Tofu. Bean curd made from soybeans. It comes in a variety of textures and forms.
Togarashi. Dried red Japanese chili powder or flakes used as a table condiment. It is a basic ingredient of shichimi which is a well-known seven-spice blend but also is used by itself.
Tonkatsu. Breaded and fried pork cutlets. They are breaded not battered.
Tonkatsu Sauce. A dark, savory sauce that is referred to as Japanese ketchup but tastes more like a spicy steak sauce.
Tsukemono. Pickled vegetables. There are many types of tsukemono.

Udon. Thick wheat noodles.
Ume. Plum. The Japanese love plums and pickle them or make them into sweets.
Umeboshi. Salted, pickled plum. Umeboshi comes in small or large sizes.
Unagi. Eel.
Uni. Sea urchin.
Uramaki. A contemporary type of sushi roll that wraps the nori sheet inside the rice. Traditionally, nori is on the outside but foreigners were put off by the black seaweed so sushi chefs ingeniously placed it inside the roll.


Wakame. A type of seaweed used for soup or salad.
Waribashi. Disposable chopsticks. The growing demand for waribashi has created deforestation problems for Japan who now must import wood from countries like Canada to produce disposable chopsticks. Ecology-minded people are encouraging the use of personal chopsticks with cases to keep on hand for public eating.
Wasabi. Green Japanese horseradish paste made from a particular variety of horseradish
root. See Horseradish.
Wok. A wok is a Chinese cooking pan, not a Japanese pan. However, woks will be found in todayfs Japanese restaurants because they can handle high volumes of food for commercial cooking. Woks will be used to stir fry vegetables and to make dishes like yakisoba (fried noodles). In the Japanese home, such dishes will be fried on a teppan pan which is a flat iron griddle.


Yakimono. Yaki means gfriedh so this refers to fried foods.
Yakisoba. Fried soba noodles.
Yakitori. Fried chicken.
Yokan. Thick sweet confection made from azuki beans.

Zoni. More formally known as gozonih which is the traditional New Yearfs soup made with fish stock, greens and mochi (rice cakes). See Ozoni.

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