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Seeing Beyond The Illusion

Most often during our doubt and worry of whether or not we are interpreting the cards accurately, we tend to get so caught up in the "game" of battle of the wills within ourselves. Simply put, we go through a period of time in which we try to talk ourself out of trusting our intuition in essence; whether that is evident or not is beside the point. Typically, we are taught to question everything we think or feel. To be skeptical and to try steering clear of anything deemed different or against the grain. This leads to a vicious cycle of self doubt and incessant worry over whether or not what we are feeling or intuit is actually our intuition or is it something we heard or read somewhere?

Think about it, most of our lives, we are expected to go with the flow of what our parents and society consider normal thinking, feelings and reactions. Then you stumble upon something such as the Tarot that speaks deep within your being calling your awareness to it. Initially, you may not have any clue as to why but feel something will change for the better somehow, some way by looking into the Tarot. In your quest for learning, you may have encountered others who do not believe in the Tarot or stereotype them into being something that they are not.

As with anything, everyone has an opinion or viewpoint regarding such a controversial subject matter as the Tarot. Are you the type who is a follower or do you look for ways to find understanding in the world around you? If you're the latter, then the Tarot may be a key to help you discover much about the world and life that you never considered looking at before. Not to mention, it is an opportunity for you to look within yourself and go upon a wonderful journey to discover who you truly are within.

The fabric that makes up the tapestry that is your life path is intricately woven and perfectly designed. See yourself within the images of the cards, find yourself within the symbology of the Major Arcana reflecting all of the various phases and cycles within your life that has transpired to this moment in time. The Minor Arcana show you the everyday aspects of your life that truly represent the ebbs and flows of your life. What you are experiencing on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects. Look around you, take stock of what is occurring within your life on every level and see the mirror image before you reflected in the cards. All is but an illusion to bring you to this point in time, in the here and now so that you may discover your innate beauty, grace, truth and abilities that are hidden deep within because of all the debris and toxins that have cluttered us and our sacred space.

The Native Americans believe that we each walk a sacred path called the Medicine Wheel that is divided up into various directions, elements, lessons and aspects of your life that must be experienced and learned in order for you to move on to the next spoke (lesson) on the wheel. The Tarot is that path broken down into small steps along the way. Breathe within you the sweet nectar of life and discover the perfect tapestry that is intricately woven that makes up the beautiful treasure that lays beneath the surface for each person to discover in their own unique way. The journey is awaiting, soften your focus and read between the lines, see with unlimited vision and trust that what feelings, impressions, insight and thoughts that come to you while gazing into the symbols of each card. Life is like a crystal ball, you just have to look within and adjust your focus so that you can see more clearly. The Tarot cards provide a means for you to gaze within your life and expand your awareness into who you are and how to tap into that hidden potential. Be still and walk softly as you journey upon the path to self discovery through the Tarot.

To Your Divinatory Success!

Leslie Fulger
Tarot Site Editor

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